My friend thinks he’s a stud, knock him down a peg

  1. He looks like the kind of guy that dates girls in high school and shows up at all her friends parties lookin like a chaperone, when really he's trying his best to impress all the kiddies.

  2. Well I am from Asia by heritage but I live in the UK... Not quite obese and much more underweight, and the high blood pressure is bang on, I'm a student with stresses.

  3. I would argue that he looks exactly the opposite, unfortunately. Daniel Radcliffe looks like the crack-head version of THIS guy.

  4. That tooth is the real stud, but the tooth it’s actually a secret compartment for his crack he keeps inside of it. /s

  5. That is seriously, one the funniest things I have ever read on reddit. I have a slow clap with your name on it. Btw, happy cake day to you.

  6. "And it was at that moment that Harry woke up, still holding his "wand" in the target bathroom and realized it had all been a meth-fueled nightmare"

  7. Cool to see that you were friends with Daniel Radcliffe during his drug days. But even at that time, buying a razor to either shave that ingrown anus of a monstrosity you call a face can't have been that expencive.

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