I am unroastable. Do your worst!

  1. Is it because as the heat travels toward your massive face, your even larger nose is able to cut through the air? Or is it that your ears are able to envelop you’re entire body and protect you?

  2. Purple lights a dragon fly on the wall and a paper plate pretty much sums you up. So yes your right you can't be

  3. This isn’t a roast but you look like you have been holding in a fart so long that when you let it out it hurts but you enjoy it

  4. I agree. You are unroastable. With those ears even the Nazis didn’t make an ovan big enough to fit you into.

  5. This is the look of confidence you have after holding down your grandmother’s cat and fucking it to death.

  6. 5-seconds later your face was plain red because you obviously can't handle the booze you're on right now (judging by the eyes)

  7. That is the grin of a guy who just ate Greek for three straight meals just because he likes to smell the farts it gives him while he watches old episodes of Blossom and laughs till he snorts every time Joey “whoas!”

  8. I cannot stop staring at your cheeks it looks like perfect checks for a baby. but here it's just haunting I cannot explain this image you are haunting on such a level where I cannot even explain.

  9. The face of someone who thought he was something in high school, but now realizes his best future is working cashier at Old Navy.

  10. No need to roast you ourselves, we can just wait until your mom finds out you wrote on one of her fancy plates.... shell roast you for sure

  11. Are you the kind of person who puts the Christmas decorations up in early November or the one that just doesn't give a fuck and leaves them on all year? Don't know which one wpuld be worse

  12. you're all forehead and nose what happened to your chin? The bullies in your area must be garbage for not breaking that nose by now

  13. If you didn't want to be roasted, why did you smother your face in oil. You even have the plate ready. We just need an oven that can fit your massive forehead.

  14. wow you really are dedicated to write "roast me" and post it since you wrote it on the second most valuable thing in your house

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