19, Engineering Student, from EGYPT, extra chunky, virgin lol,

  1. Just because they let him hang up that wireless router on the wall in the 7-11 hes working at doesn't make him an "engineer".

  2. Who keeps downvoting all these quality redditor created roasts? It’s like someone doesn’t have a firm enough grasp of English to appreciate wit and sarcasm! Whoever could it be!!!?

  3. Fucking look in the mirror. Everyone who has laid their eyes on you knows for a fact your a virgin. “Virgin lol” are you waiting for the right person? Because I’ll tell you right now no one is looking for you.

  4. You look like the best buddy of the protagonist in a horrible comedy movie that always tells "Thats what she said" jokes

  5. The only thing you can engineer is getting more dick than a urinal. Then masterminding a way to get those pubes from the urinals on to your face.

  6. I think you're a strapping young lad with the best of looks. The ladies don't talk to you because their intimidated by your good looks.

  7. The only thing your 40 y/o virgin lookin ass is gonna engineer is a new slushie machine, now get back your cash register and sell some lottery tickets.

  8. You look like u ate all the people who came to the restaurant instead of breaking ur virginity to them

  9. This photo was taken moments before he re-acted the food fight scene from “Animal House”. 18 students, including 7 ROTC were killed when he said, “I”m a zit!”, and his suicide vest detonated.

  10. You look like when you drop your wet lollipop on a dead af dog and still decide to pick it up

  11. looks like he would call you and say "hello my name is kyle i am from windows tech support,you have a virus on your windows computa"

  12. The only milk he'll ever suckle is dispensed in the background and it's slim milk. Clearly he never chooses the healthy option.

  13. Besides the 19 part everything else goes without saying. You literally look 39. And not a good 39 either. More like a diabetic, two times divorced chain smoking, alcoholic 39 year old.

  14. You look like a dyslexic pedophiles who can't even get layed by a sex doll and masterbates to my little pony and could not even engineer a fucking lego set that for 4 year olds

  15. You must be a descendant of the pharaohs, because someone had to have fucked their sister at some point in your family tree

  16. I bet they have a sandwich named after you in that restaurant. They call it the “Sloppy McFatfuck”. It only comes in a napkins, never a box.

  17. Your ancestors built the pyramids. You built yourself a chastity belt out of food court loyalty cards.

  18. If your the engineering genius of your country, I honestly have no idea how you guys managed to enslave is to build for you

  19. It looks like you couldn't make a manly face so you just chose to make a typical teenager selfie-face. You choose to make that face. Yikes.

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