Try me

  1. There's no anatomical difference between the mouth hole of a she or he. So I guess you have double the market despite your she/he ambiguity

  2. You look like the main character in one of those movies where there's a nerdy artsy girl who meets a total Chad. Then they take off her glasses and undo her ponytail and all of a sudden she's beautiful. But in your movie the girl is Andy Samberg.

  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you were a church girl until you hit about 13 and your parents didn't want to bring you around their peers anymore because you would often bring up your fursona or place in the wolf pack. I hope whatever family member sodomized you reminded you that you'd get in trouble too, so leave it out of the suicide note

  4. Of course he does, he looks at them and if they break he wins and gets to but another one, he has currently got a 100% win rate.

  5. If that neck goes any higher, you could actually grab the fruits from the top of the tree. Calm down you fucking giraffe.

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