Bring it on

  1. He looks like a pencil eraser that has been worn down to being one or two rubs away from being flush with the metal.

  2. It’s appears your acne is gobbling up your hairline at a rapid pace. Start washing your face or you’ll be bald in a week

  3. Your giant heed is begging to have an index and middle finger in your eyes and thumb in your mouth and get bowled.

  4. How many theatre sets have you been in on constructing? Don't worry, someday you'll meet just the right guy to coat tail to stardom adjacent. Dream big.

  5. Not sure whether that's a pen or a joint on your ear but whatever it is, you look like you'd stick your nutsack in a beehive for 10 bucks

  6. We don’t have to roast you, just go out on New Years with that shirt and everyone around you will do the job for us

  7. you look like if Kevin Swanson from "Family Guy" went to college for 1 year only to drop out and become a bad male stripper

  8. You look like a working Joe, as in: Bald and hairless, dumb as shit and immune to gunfire (though since you might or might not be in the military that's not likely)

  9. You look like the kind of guy when you move into a new town... you have to go door-to-door to tell people why you can't be around their kids

  10. Don't call yourself a Med Student just because you steal used tampons from Women's Toilet disposal units and study them for days.

  11. I get a major “I got cheated on while I was at war and still raise the subsequent baby” vibes from you and your haircut.

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