20M actually broke college student. Cake day tomfoolery

  1. Archeologists being examining your forehead one day. In a very nasally voice…”We can see from this Gen-Z fossilized forehead that this particular illegal alien worked as a dishwasher, notice the line across his forehead? We call that the poverty line.”

  2. You look like you obsessively bite your nails, while reading books in coffee shops to show how deep of a thinker you are.

  3. You've got all the power in your hands. Your future is truly ahead of you, and you are planning for it. Just stay on course and you should be fine. I'm proud of you. I don't even wanna roast you. I'm proud of you.

  4. You look dumb as fuck in the hairnet & that pendant isn’t stylish. Your facial expression makes me feel bad for anyone that has to be around you. You won’t be broke once you graduate which will most likely be never.

  5. Why did you even post here? What a stupid f*** sub. You look like Christian Bale, who's very hot!

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