19 years old, love music and love making YouTube videos! Hit your hardest roast me!

  1. yea, don't look up on a sunny day - those magnifiers would probably burn two quick holes clean through your head..

  2. I'm afraid to ask if you've ever been in a relationship, but more than likely the only time you will ever get fucked will be on this thread.

  3. There’s no way you make YouTube videos, if your voice sounds anything like your face looks, you’d make it on the watchmojos top 10 worst YouTubers list

  4. Nothing will ever convince me that your not just half a dozen eggs in a shirt with one wearing a wig and glasses.

  5. It could be worse buddy. At least you look like a famous trailer park boy piece of shit. If it weren’t for him, you’d look like a generic run of the mill piece of trailer park shit.

  6. he looks like the human version of chicken little and the doll from rugrats had a child all three were then put into a blender and took on a human form. this guy is the incarnation of a nerdy coward.

  7. Which chromosomal deletions do you have? Also, I think I can safely assume that your pronouns are…….nonspecific?

  8. I dunno man, I feel like it's such a shit age for a dude these days. You have something most people don't, which is the ability to make and understand music.

  9. Bubbles is on Reddit now ey? Nice pubes for hair buddy. You love music because nothing else makes you happy, because you’re a loser.

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