I'm here and ready to be roasted

  1. If the typical Kyle douchebag had a kid with Amelia Earhart, you would be that kid. And then you wore the most ridiculous footwear possible…

  2. You look like the one kid that sits in the back of the class that’s openly gay and is super into art that ends up working at a Starbucks

  3. All the bait in the photo for people to attack because you believe those are the quirky flaws of your personality... The reality is you're not quirky, you're just covering up the insecurity of not having any personality at all

  4. All its missing is the very loud, obnoxious non binary best friend, with a shaved head , except for one little strip down the middle, obviously dyed purple and blue, septum piercing and yelling Fuck the Patriarchy, with no job.

  5. This picture actually makes me really sad. Your facial structure looks a lot like my oldest son, and I could just see that this is a path he could have gone down. I've never been more thankful that I loved my children enough to stop this from happening to them.

  6. Cup noodles, Monster, flea market blade, and enough buckles on your boots to lock down the damn titanic....I'm not worth to roast on this one. This is God tier stuff right here and I'm just a pesant.

  7. Sorry, I was distracted, I was wondering what cup noodles cooked in monster, knife stirred and through vintage goggles would taste like... 🤔 Then I saw your head. The wonder left me.

  8. Girl boots, girl jeans, girl hair, man hands, no idea about face. I'm 100 percent sure I don't know your gender.

  9. It looks like after you graduated high school you spent one day outside and decided you never want to do that ever again.

  10. If they knew this is what had become of Amelia Earhart they wouldn't have worked so hard to find her back.

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