My friend and I met these two bots in C2. There were many moments like these. One of them replied to me in chat too.

  1. tbf if this software is for sale you can bet that there will be gaming digital asset sellers that are farming this as we speak. Prepare for a wave of these in the next days/weeks. They'll be everywhere.

  2. that was the concept of one of my favourite PS1 titles of all time- Carnage Heart. But then that was the point- to design the best mechs- hardware and software and send them into battles. The logic design system was really cool and ahead of its time for a "coding in UI" type of thing.

  3. From what I've seen you don't even need to sit and watch. You could set up something that looks like a crypto mining rig with one GPU for each virtual machine, and then launch RL on each of those, then just let your bot army mass-boost accounts while you go about your day.

  4. At least in TF2 you can connect to community servers so you can play with even less risk of bots (mainly because most community servers will have ways of detecting cheats and other stuff on each player, keeping players safe). Rocket League does not have anything like that to my knowledge, which means if bots go for this game too, we're screwed.

  5. What’s crazy to me is that I just found an account on here that’s posting tutorials of how to use it on this sub on others, and making claims that work on a better bot is already in progress. This is getting wild.

  6. If they'll release more advanced/stronger bots than Nexto we're pretty much fucked. I wouldn't be surprised if ranked will boil down to who can beat this bot and who can't for certain ranks.

  7. Man, I thought people were just tripping out about something that wasn't true or that it's very hard or rare to be able to get a bot to play for you in all these recent posts ive been seeing without actual gameplay.

  8. RLgym has been working on a better bit for months, but these bots aren’t being used by RLGym and they’re not distributed by them for this purpose. People are taking the bot program and injecting it into hacked clients. Normally u can only play against the bots in private matches.

  9. It probably isn’t that good. Anytime you’re doing 2s or 3s you’re better off just playing. Without api access making a good bot is impossible. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about

  10. If you look in the files it's still called nexto. I compared the file structure to the rl bot file for nexto and they added like 5 python files that replace the game inputs haven't looked into how it's working but this should be easily blocked with anticheat.

  11. I can't tell either, and in either case, it's promising that the bots don't know not to double up on the ball.

  12. Watch the ball control of the POV. It’s flawless. Not to mention the giant insta-flick at the end. It’s totally unnatural.

  13. from having played with nexto a lot. this is definitely nexto's code (open source) that was stolen and somehow injected into the game. Plays the exact same way.

  14. It's open source??? Doesn't that mean that anyone with semi-decent coding skills can recreate nexto's bot if they want to?

  15. Go watch RLGYM on twitch, I’m watching the ragnorok bot play 3v3 against itself, quite entertaining and interesting tbh

  16. I feel like there has to be a way Epic can develop something that detects when player inputs are 100% not human. Curious to see how they handle this because it has game-breaking potential

  17. It might be easy for this specific bot since there are clear patterns but borderline impossible for every possible bot. Anti-cheating-detection with seemingly human behavior (less smooth inputs) could probably be implemented. And there are human players that have a similar playstyle (catching balls and dribbling) so that can't possibly be banned.

  18. It'll be time for them to tackle bigger issues, like unusually high ranked new accounts, implying this person is smurfing and/or using a bot o_o

  19. Break out your tin foil hats because I propose it’s epic integrating it. They did it in fortnite

  20. Aaaaaand with all these posts about it, not a SINGLE word from Psyonix at least telling us they are looking into it.

  21. They have been aware for 6 months and are working on it apparently. But yeah a comment to clear the air would probably be good. Doubt it'll come though.

  22. I actually found the forum where these cheaters get and discuss their "helper" as they call it, i am not gonna name it but if you want to find it, you easily will.

  23. This is just sad, the game is officially going to ruins. I haven't seen anyone of psyonix in these threads and it's getting worse by the day.

  24. That is an entirely different hack tho, this has nothing to do with the bots from RLbots being abused to online game. But people are naive to think there is ever going to be a game without anyone trying to hack / cheat in it.

  25. Oh ffs i stg if this is the reason ive dropped from mid gc1 to mid c2 is not just me being bad but from an actual abundance of people who just aren't gc/high c3 in the rank. Like ive consistenly have been getting people on my descent from high c3 at the start of the season who actually play about as well as my d2 friend. Ive almost never blamed teamates before as a solo q main, ive played enough siege to know there alot more you can do about it ing this game. but its getting really hard not to because they just straight cant hit the ball. Ive just realised i had a tm8 the other day who was probably trying and failing to get it working, he joined the game and immediately said gg before the game started and wouldn't play the whole game and was tryna be all crptic and edgy about why he wouldn't play prolly a 13 yr old but prime target for cheats.

  26. I've run into bots too, they were typing in chat while airdribbling like literally typing in chat while doing it, and not like macros, straight up personal comments it was very messed up

  27. I asked them (the hayden.flux person) casually if it was a bot playing to see if they would confess. They replied mid-dribble lol

  28. I'd love to see that like, just a chill message: "Hey man, what did you have for breakfast this morning?" while a triple flip reset, musty backboard double tap, 420 madness shot is being executed.

  29. Ok so I haven’t played in like a week or two, can anyone explain how they know it’s bots? Only bot ive ever played with or went up against was in LoL so I’m not sure what to look for in RL to know for sure. Also bots can only predict so much right? Can’t you technically be better and win against them?

  30. Am I missing something? What’s the point of botting in RL? To get the season rewards? Do they hold that much real world value where people with actual employable skills are instead using their time and resources to farm RL rewards?

  31. The people with the skills to do this just make the tools and sell them to others. And I'm not sure how much needs to be done to make a bot work in ranked, but my guess as a long time software dev is that it's not that hard to circumvent whatever protection is in place.

  32. Buddy, boosting is a real industry where people pay real money to gain video game MMR. Sometimes they just have someone else play on their account. You don't even play lol

  33. I have yet to see Psyonix acknowledge any of this stuff. Come on man, this is so discouraging. We have many issues with smurfing and stuff already.

  34. I’m glad I enjoyed this game when it was worth playing. Ever since F2P, it’s been a landslide for the worst. I hope these bot shenanigans die quick, but it may seem that playing on console with crossplay off may be the way to go to avoid them for good if it becomes widespread… which is hilarious, because migrating to PC was suggested to always be the ideal way to play for frame rates alone lol…

  35. I literally just watched this same exact post yesterday. From a different person. In different quality. Either the bots play exactly they same in every game, or the bots have infiltrated this group and are posting the same content.

  36. What’s the point of ruining the game for everyone? Why are these people so selfish? We’re not here to be an experiment, we’re here to enjoy a game, dammit.

  37. YeH so it’s cheats, that’s why they responded in chat, hold “v” for auto dribble and flick, hold “d” to auto chase demos, hold “z” to auto focus air roll…but looks like they’ve upgraded to use nexto’s challenges

  38. It's two separate things. One is a client side hack the other is an AI code integration... Imagine if they start using both though💀

  39. I'm not the best player, but I've put alot of time into learning catches/dribbling its easily my best skill. This is not a human. There isn't even the slightest hint of error in this bots catches. Not even pros can replicate it, at least not consistently. And when you do a lot of dribbling you can immediately tell if somone is good or bad at it. This video shows an inhuman perfect dribble.

  40. Oh my fuck. It caught the ball and went into a dribble?? So are these programs ranking up someone’s account? Or someone made these to just mess with people?

  41. psyonix: oh hey bots are more players to fill in the matchmaking lemme ignore this whole thing bcuz why would we fix it doesnt get us money 🥱🥱🤑

  42. How smooth and easily timed everything mechanically is. There’s no way someone is that fluid with the ball movement, catching, flicking, any of it really. The perfect positioning as well. The bot played everything perfect and with what seemed like ease lol

  43. The perfect no bounce ball catches and dribbles, it plays exactly the same as Nexto. Not like, it's exactly the same.

  44. How does this show that opponents are bots? I'm not arguing. I just literally feel like I'm missing something. The most notable thing about this clip for me was OP's ballchasing, lmao

  45. Not bots, but if you suspect someone is a bot, call them out in game. If they get caught they might bail. But if they aren't bots, they will get a huge confidence boost. At least I would, I never feel better than when someone accuses me of smurfing.

  46. These bots are made for 1v1. That’s why they can pass first man but lend the ball when trying another shot.

  47. Definitely had a weird game in hoops today, pretty sure it was one of these bots. Literally just stayed on the ball the entire time and only went for dribbles and Flicks. Don't think I saw it go for boost either. It was pretty much useless in hoops, as the flicks often didn't make it over the rim but still. It was bizarre.

  48. Holy shit, come to think of it I definitely came across a couple of these in C2 last night. On more than one occasion I noticed that the opposition were making really strange plays...

  49. Time to turn off cross play I guess. I like having cross play on but if it means I have to encounter bots then I'll live with the longer search times.

  50. For anyone thinking about finding/downloading this bot: don't. Most game hackers are also interested in profit, so if it's "Free" it will also come with free malware and infect your PC. True even if you have to pay for it.

  51. I've seen a person distributing it for €20, and in the demonstration video he could type while the bot played without interrupting it. These bots are like fully afk machines to get to easy gc1 or 2, and the player using them is basically just a spectator. It really is a mess

  52. All sorts of online games need to work with ai programmers to create meaningful ways for them to interact with games and take their focus away from having to do so in matches with human opponents.

  53. This is like the third post about bots I’ve seen in the last few days, as opposed to none ever before. This is concerning, I really hope there’s a way to deal with this

  54. I have played maybe 100+ hours now using RLbots and I can def tell this is either necto or nexto. It is the way they move and how they are always in the right place at the right time and never miss a flick. It is just inhuman like gameplay.

  55. I played gc2 in 2v2 last night with a buddy and we ran into some crazy names (gibberish looking code) and the 2 cars didn’t miss a flick, a save, a rotation, but absolutely sucked in the air. I’ve never been flicked over so many times in 1 game regardless of fake challenges or not. I can only assume it was this nexto bot playing together. Pretty crazy experience even though we won, I never had this much difficulty against another player.

  56. I’ve been out of the loop for a while on what’s happening in the community so I initially thought the “bots” comment was in the typical derogatory manner but this… is interesting. Hope psyonix swaps these bots ability’s for their own but outside of that, ick.

  57. How do other games combat this? People talk a lot about the death of this game, but these posts about these bots actually make me fear for the future of this game.

  58. Damn, these guys are really gonna get anti cheat put in the game so they could get an account up to champ 2-3… goodbye bakkes.

  59. we’re all thinking it’s hackers but wonder if rocket league is just also going down the road of bots to help with queue times

  60. This is wild. Surely psyonix will figure out a way to detect/ ban this. I wonder if one day they’ll have an “anarchy” mode that allows for hacked clients?

  61. I have seen som decent players in the years I played this game. It's possible that they are great players, but it looks so scripted and alien like.

  62. I am the friend and both of the "players" on the other team was acting like that. Sad to see those bots get inside matches :(. Hope to see it fixed soon.

  63. so, clients can get variables necessary to make bots work in online matches. this means troll bots like ball chasing bots or bots doing nothing but bumping can be developed and ruin many matches. I hope Psyonix will take measures to prevent human-like troll bots from being widespread, for example by introducing SMS verification and putting permanent bans on troll accounts.

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