What Rogue should I buy for Attacking?

  1. Both sigrid and chaac are really solid choices. If you’re looking to solo carry I would lean towards chaac over sigrid as sigrid is best utilized when a team is organized around her and her shield use. Another to consider is Scorch. Her perks are nuts rn

  2. That makes sense, I’ve just had some recent experiences where an enemy Sigrid will 1v2 or 1v3 really easily with just her shield and a pistol

  3. I would argue Dallas is. Very solid gun, the very strong aoe fire grenade, a rechargeable nearest enemy highlight. He is my best solo rogue

  4. I’ve tried Lancer but my only issue is that some times my entire team is dead by the time I finish my flank. So then I have to 1v4 or 1v3

  5. I’ve been rocking with Chaac lately. His ability allows me to heal when I’m engaging more than 1 enemy and when I’m playing with a team I can push kinda hard and pull agro and hop behind cover to heal while my teammates clean up anyone left. Plus he has 2 good gadgets (flashes and semtex), shredder rounds for armored enemies, and tenacity.

  6. His ability might make you heal but honestly an extra 75 health won’t help if the enemy’s your facing hit their shots. Obviously it’s good against 1 enemy but against 2 it doesn’t do anything.

  7. Chaac and Sigrid are nice. I feel like any duelist is honestly good for what your looking for. Switchblade is also great, she is basically a duelist just can breach the point

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