Texas dog walker permanently disfigured in 'bloodthirsty' attack by 2 dogs

  1. They were actually fosters which was even more of a reason to crate them. Who knows what situation they came out of. The foster parents failed.

  2. Scary stuff. I only take small dogs into my home but I do house sit with dogs of any kind. I don't know how the walker could have protected herself here

  3. Same, but I have to say this makes me rethink sitting for large dogs that I don’t know well. You never know how they’ll act when the owner isn’t there even after a meet and greet. This is absolutely horrendous.

  4. Definitely is making me think of the times I've had dogs bite me and being aggressive towards me in this line of work. I love my job but the issues as of late with dog attacks, hagglers, untrained dogs, etc... Kind of makes me want a career change. I hope she makes a full recovery.

  5. Rover should cover our health insurance costs if something like this happens. What exactly do they get 20% for? What do they do aside from building website which people have been doing since the 90s...

  6. Lol. Rover doesn’t care about sitters. Even the rover “guarantee” is trash. It’s not a real insurance policy for the dog owner.

  7. I find dog boarding in my own home is relatively safer than dog walking or drop-in visit. Large dogs are as smart as or even smarter than 4-year-old human kids. It is important that a large dog gets introduced to a sitter by the dog parent before the sitter being left alone with the dog, and dogs somehow know it is someone else's home/territory so they'd better behave.

  8. This is why I do interviews, make routines, wear layers, own a bite sleeve, avoid other dogs when I'm walking a dog. I do always tell clients "I personally cannot guarantee any animal's behavior because at the end of the day, they are still animals and we can never truly know."

  9. It’s saying they were aware because a sign that said “crazy dogs, do not knock”. My dogs are not aggressive but I have the same sign simple because I have 4 dogs and when they all get excited and start barking and jumping around for attention at one time it’s chaotic. It’s easier when I’m given a heads up so I can put them away and bring them out one at a time for my visitor to give them attention. Also, I have English and French bulldog and they’re slobbery which most people don’t like.

  10. Horrible, horrible. My heart breaks for this poor girl. I am glad those dogs are being destroyed, sorry not sorry. Too dangerous. I hope this poor victim gets way more than $1mil, if those owners knew their dogs were dangerous and sent her in there like that... terrible.

  11. I’ve read this article + others and none of them say if she was a Rover or Wag walker. If she was, she could sue the company as well as the pet owner. Sounds like she had her own business though - I hope she pulls through.

  12. This is scary. They ate her whole face save her eyes. That’s horrible. The dogs were fosters. They foster parents really failed. They should have known to crate them bc I’m sure the dogs were traumatized from some previous situation.

  13. Would you mind telling me your source that these dogs were current fosters? The only thing I found was that the German Shepherd had been a recent foster but was now their dog.

  14. Small dogs are known to be more aggressive. However if you came to my home to walk my small old dog, you’d be disappointed 🤣 I’m afraid your walk would consist of her walking to the car and laying down patiently waiting on you to take her for a ride because her lazy ass isn’t about to walk. And then she’s gonna expect you to stop at McDonald’s 🤣

  15. I've had German Shepherds and Pitbulls attack me before. That's why I no longer take dogs over 40 pounds. I know I will be able to fight a dog back when they try to maul me if they're only 40 pounds. It's nothing against those breeds exclusively, I don't really trust any big dog from all the damage they have caused me.

  16. This story is all I think about day and night. Been a dog walker (my own business not Rover though when I started I did rover too, just didn’t like the random dogs that would come over my house and bark for 4 days) for 10 years. Only been bit once and it was when I was trying to pull a deer leg out of a bermese mt dog’s mouth (we were on a hike) so sort of my fault lol. Definitely bringing pepper spray for new dog pick-ups. I also use that “compressed air” which works good and getting them to stop what they are doing immediately (the beginning of getting into a spat with another dog before it progresses, jumping up to maybe bite) but don’t know if that would have helped at all in this case. I am just so confused about how they could do that much damage. And the owners had no clue that would happen. It’s literally all I think about!

  17. this is why I just can’t take german shepherds or pits anymore. i’ve had aggressive issues with both breeds in my home and it truly is so dangerous and not worth the risk

  18. I've checked on two german shepherds, both had been neglected/abused by previous owners, they both made me feel uneasy. Separate owners though. Both weren't a fan of being pet, one loved to play fetch, the other had anxiety issues. The only other dog that's made me feel uneasy was an Australian cattle dog that barked alot, and was on meds for anxiety.

  19. same here. even with a meet and greet, owners intentionally leave out info on dogs' profiles about anxiety & aggression. i'm not taking that chance with any dog breed that has enough bite force to cause this kind of damage. and i grew up with GSDs!

  20. She did a meet and greet. I wonder why she still proceeded with walking them. If an animal shows any signs of aggression, I don’t take them on as a client. Poor girl, she should be seeking 20m in damages, not 1m. This has ruined Her life

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