Noob question for my ohio friends!

  1. The ruckus is 49cc’s intentionally, to avoid the need for special licensing in most (if not all) states. Once you get 50 or over you need to get the proper license.

  2. i have read so many mixed things on it, ohios law says something like 49cc and lower with pedals and a motor. cannot exceed 20mph or something along those lines? im thinking about getting a ruckus. i guess calling my local dmv probably is the best idea.

  3. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety Motorized Bicycle (Moped) Registration Application…

  4. Right, but what’s odd/interesting to me is that this specifies a moped. It explicitly mentions it having pedals and an assist motor.

  5. Ok I just posted a link to the Ohio dmv page. Seems like it requires you pass an exam. Very explicit about a scooter needing the license.

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