Russians in Georgia right now

  1. They already are. I was in Tbilisi last week. Everyone is talking about prices going up, including for real estate. The Russians try to keep a low profile, but in tourist places, you get approached in Russian first, then English. Hotels are full of Russians and you see lots of Russian numberplates too.

  2. I saw some post a couple days ago that they have to denounce the invasion in Georgia and acknowledge the illegality. Not sure if real tho

  3. This is KARMA. please kindly google and read "fall of Sokhumi". Just 29 Years ago Georgian town Sokhumi was captured by Russian and Abkhazian separatists. All members of the Georgian administration of Abkhazia were executed. i mean ALL OF THEM. they dont left anyone alive.

  4. Hell yeah brother. Karma is a bitch! Glad they got theirs. Hopefully it’s not over yet and the will suffer more for all they evil they have let happen to th Georgian people.

  5. So glad I don’t border this county. Those “refugees” are gonna be a huge problem. You can take the vatnik out of Russia but not the Russian out of the vatnik

  6. Germany don't border ruzzia (yet). And for some reason the German government believe there are not enough ruzzians in Germany (now "only" 4 mln). Soon there will be much more, as many of those poor ruzzians in Georgia gladly will move to Germany.

  7. Let me introduce them to my friends who lost their homes when Russia invaded Georgia 14 years ago. They are still in a refugee camp.

  8. Fucking whiny, little patriotic fucktards. Ztards. "Go Russia, Go Putin, oh you want me to fight , oh fug I can't I'm a super bitch, gonna go schlep down to Georiga"

  9. I have to say that normally I vote to welcome any refugees (as long as we can integrate them to our society), but in this case I’d vote that the border rangers meet them with raised rifles and a message through a megaphone: ”Get the fuck back and fight for your country - against Putin - or die right there.” I don’t give a fuck about the ruZZians trying to flee now either - they’re the worst kind of cowards who are leaving now only because their asses are on the line; otherwise they’d be apathetic and complacent war supporters and Putinists.

  10. There are enough guys there to take out the police or national guard in a town or small city. They should go back and fight their dicktater.

  11. I have mixed feelings. While I'm glad these Russians aren't participating in the war, I feel they need to fix their country and make it a fit society, leaving doesn't fix anything.

  12. Good for them, they are bums in a foreign land just like what their RuZZian orc army did to a lot of displaced Ukrainians because of this war! Fuck these guys!

  13. Send them back to start an uprising. The cowards didn't give a fuck about their country slaughtering Ukrainians until mobilisation meant they might have to risk their own lives.

  14. Idk man but I barely feel sorry for them. They, more likely than not, supported Putin but now that it's their time to fight, they flee like rats. Imagine being a Putin supporter AND a coward at the same time.

  15. Only the beginning. Russians are going to be the new economic migrants. Schlepping from country to country to make a living.

  16. Put them in refugee camps. No work no food. There is a name for such camps ... Wait a minute I know what it is. Oh yeah! Russian name. They called it a Gulag

  17. They didn't call it "a Gulag". ГУЛаг = Главное Управление Лагерей = Main Camp Administration.

  18. This is now the time that Georgians need to educate their new guests. Show them videos of Bucha, show them the “real narrative” and not the one from Russia

  19. Amusing to see Z's in worse conditions than their support to war (untill it was tv event) has made for Ukrainian refugees. Imagine no one bombarded their homes or killed their relatives and they are running for their lives from the grasp of what and whom they supported. They should stay and force Putin to start referendums about staying in Ruzzian federastion 🤔

  20. Send them to the Ukraine with shovels to rebuild!!!!!!These deserters are low life’s who could care less as raping and pillaging was on going.

  21. Its amusing to watch the Russians finally facing the consequences of their actions, they were all to happy to watch Putin commit war crimes in the Ukraine, but the moment they might actually have to put some skin in the game, they are suddenly running for their lives.

  22. Fake, this is in the Netherlands, there is a dutch Cop there. These are immigrants from so we call safe countries

  23. How many times in 2022 we have to explain that Russian has minorities? 120 million Russians are white and 20 million are non white.

  24. Hope they're fucking miserable. I wish Georgia would kick them out but I understand the country is in a bit of a tough spot. Unless these people have always been anti-war/Putin, they don't deserve asylum.

  25. Shit, Georgians are some very patient people indeed. Invaded by Russia, but taking in the refuseniks that enabled them. Pretty much an immediate EU candidate if you ask me.

  26. (I am JOKING HERE)This is the brilliance of Putin. It is all a big great plan to slowly take over the world or old soviet world. So many young men going into Georgia and Kazakhstan! So many they will soon take over those countries!

  27. Yeah except they're a bunch of milquetoast pussies. They aren't going to be taking over shit. If they're not going to stand up for their rights in their own country, how the fuck are they going to have the balls to exert any agency in another country.

  28. Anyone know that Nixon quote that goes ‘give people a war that benefits the few, and no one will come’? I think in this context, give people a war that benefits the few, no one will come and will also jam your airports

  29. Given the choice between camping on hard ground in Georgia and doing the same on the way to and in Ukraine, they've made the safest choice.

  30. What i think is funny is, how eastern european men have a high level of machismo and/or toxic masculinity. Sports like boxing and mma is quite popular especially around the poorer demographic. They listen to "hard music' and pretend to be badasses because they can drink so much alcohol. They drive big, loud and old cars that are held together by grease, sweat and the prayers of the drivers. And it works!

  31. This sub is full of people who have found their justification to hate on regular people who happen to be Russian. You don't know if they support the war or not. And you have absolutely no right to demand they should protest and risk 10 years of jail when most of you wouldn't have the courage to do it if you were living in Russia.

  32. I am from Poland and yeah, that's how our long-distance bus/train stations looked like exactly when russian bastards had started the war. Tbh i don't feel any compassion, the only good thing is that they won't be mobilised.

  33. Idiots making fun of people... this would be you if you were in Russia. These are the anti-war people. If you think you would be blowing yourself up on the steps of the Kremlin or shooting the local draftman, you are 1000% full of shit.

  34. The people have responsibility at some level. The whole they came for my neighbor but it wasnt me so I did nothing spiel. They needed to be conscripted cuz that's what they believe... or they needed to fight against the system for change and be (I hate this word these days) actual Patriots. Them being refugees on this scale while still Being somewhat politically silenced or complicit but a coward is going to fuck with all the nations they go to.

  35. Anti-war people? Not very likely! I'd say most of these are the 'I don't give a shit if russia is decimating Ukraine' people, until it had a direct effect on them. Then they became the 'fuck this, I don't care if Ukrainians die but I don't want to die' people.

  36. I feel that Russians fleeing Russia should be given full accomodations as refugees, unless and until individuals reveal themselves to be Z trolls by their misbehavior. Then those individuals accomodations should be revoked.

  37. The comments here are disgusting. None of you would have done shit in February. These people would also be any of you. Disgusting. Absolutley disgusting of you people. Keyboard warriors all.

  38. It's a highly charged topic because these Russians aren't being killed in their homes, or at schools, shopping malls, on the streets, or raped and tortured for sport, and they'll still have their home intact if/when they choose to return to their own country.

  39. It's karma or what they deserve but they are willing not to fight so good for ukraine this might end soon in victory since the mobilization is set to fail miserably.

  40. These men have made the right decision: they have turned their back on violence, murder, tyranny and war. They have refused to help Putin.

  41. Nah, they could have turned their backs on Russia when women and children were being raped in any one of russia's "conquests. " They waited until it was their problem. Fuck them.

  42. Georgia should close the border and put these people in a refugee camp. Let them feel how those who were forced to leave their homes felt on 2008. Or send them to the occupation areas.

  43. One the one side I’m happy for them that they don’t need to be in that shithole of a country anymore, on the other hand I’m afraid a lot of them are Pro Putin and aren’t gonna change their mind.

  44. This looks like a very familiar scene—where have I seen this? Oh yeah, Poland, Romania, Moldova. Only it was Ukrainians that were cruelly displaced without a choice.

  45. a lot of people in comments are very hostile to Russians Andi get it, but just because they're Russian doesn't mean they love Putin and his war. The reason a lot of anti war Russians aren't protesting is because they risk being locked up for life. I don't know about you, but i would be scared of rebelling if i was russian too.

  46. Why is Georgia letting ruzzians in? As in even visa free? Everyone should close their borders to that shit hole until they fix their fucking leadership once and for all

  47. Send em back, if the only time they oppose the war is when they suddenly have to fight it they don't deserve to be protected from it

  48. Go fight for the mother land cyka blyat, this is what you were cheering for this whole time and when shit happens you just leave?? What a ”great” mentality right there!!

  49. Still healthy capable men are better there than on the front against Ukraine where they would do actual damage. Also it's not that easy to resist Putin on russian soil. I hope the actual supporters get fucked because they do deserve the worst. I don't know what would be reasonable action when turning people back but I think they should have a way to resist putin. There is enough people to start a civil war so maybe give them guns?

  50. Cowards! Now they run away instead of protest against Putler. Send them back! None of these men protested when Russia slaughtered the Ukrainian civilian population

  51. Lets remember that the group does not represent the values of the individual. Lot of communist thoughts right here and its dangerous.

  52. Some put support for Ukraine war at around 70%, but none of those sources are reliable. Polls conducted with zero probability of revenge for ”wrong” opinion puts support to around 30%. Even that is too much. Russians too should have a choice to not fight (since Russia is not being threatened in any way), but z scum who support it but don’t want to fight themselves are lower than cancer and should be treated as such. Nobody feels bad when cancer cells are cut out. These people should be vetted for any sign of z support or suddenly deleted social media accounts.

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