anyone recommend a good secure wallet to remove my crypto off of exchanges? More specifically my Shib

  1. It should be pointed out, that if you use a Ledger, buy a new one. Don't be cheap and buy it off eBay or something. It is not just hardware you are buying.

  2. I hide half of secret phase words at home in a safe and the other half at a family member’s house hidden in a personal safe. I also have all of the words in 2 separate places in my own home in another couple of places. So I can alway access my wallet if my ledger gets lost or damaged. I would massively recommend doing the same and never keep the phrases on a computer or mobile or anything with an internet connection. Old school pen on paper will do just fine. Just don’t lose them 😅

  3. I think I am going to go with 3 because I am scared of transferring funds from wallet to wallet. I had a heart attack transferring from exchange to exchange. Best buy offers Ledge, will be taking me and my wife there.

  4. Ledger nano X then buy the crypto Steel cylinder for the passphrase backup amd dig it down somewhere in the forest

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