Hard to believe but finally joining this club . I believe it's a nib k sports import?Every number matches and looks mint overall. I had to find a new rifle to collect as my state banned everything i basically use to collect so here's to a new start after 8+years away. Any info is appreciated

  1. We're working on it but house prices are just stupid where we want to move to... litterly 75-100k more for the same place from just 2 years ago. I refuse to do it. I have a really nice collection that I bought before the ban. I just need to look for other things in the meantime which is y I bought this sks and will just collect these for now. I do miss my aks and fal battle type rifles tho and they have all but dried up anyhow from the looks of it unless u wanna pay a fortune. So figure I'd get some sks before they are gone. I really like surplus stuff. I'm try to stack as many decent parts kits as possible so I at least have them to build when I move.

  2. I would like to get a yugo and russian version also but I hope I did ok to start? I'm new to this platform but have a bunch of chicom aks /mags / drums and they are all top notch and seem to be very collectible. So I figured I'd start with a mint norinco/poly import since my aks are very nice. The sks also came with sling and cleaning kit and rod but unfortunately the original box seems to b lost. Looks like arsenal 306 which I haven't seen before and the sling attachment is on the side I stead of the bottom like most I've seen? Let me know any info u may have ..thank's and I can't wait to get more into this club..

  3. I got a Yugo with the bayonet and the grenade launcher muzzle attachment. Got it for under 200 some years ago and thought that was expensive but still cheap given the prices rising at the time.

  4. Hopefully today is the day I bring her home... if not definitely tomorrow.... I'm allready looking at a tula and yugo... looks like I may have caught the sks bug

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