About to Purchase a Norinco Sks

  1. If you’re interested in modifying/customizing a gun, an sks is probably one of the worst options for that. They are difficult to modify (adding optic rail, light, etc) and it also kills the “cool” factor of an old gun with a lot of history. Also, it will likely decrease the value of the gun. With all of that being said, you should still buy one and leave it original. Very fun rifle to own. If you want to customize a gun, I suggest buying something else

  2. Save a little extra and get a Wasr 10 akm. cheap to bubba while also being a great rifle. Leave this thing stock buddy guy. Or one make reversible mods.

  3. Well this is probably not the community that's likely to help lol. Most people here see. To be purists and only want people to keep or return their sks to stock. SKSs are somewhat difficult to "modernize" and everyone here will say you bubba'd it. For my part I've had trouble modernizing my norinco sks, it came in a polymer stock when it was imported but its still an "irons only" rifle as optic mounting on an sks is very problematic, most after market options don't hold zero or require machining the receiver to get a mounting option that will hold zero. Good luck, do whatever you want to your rifle, it's yours just know you will get grief for a modernized sks in this sub.

  4. I'd strongly recommend against any customization on an sks. Theyre fun as hell to shoot bone stock. If anything I would look into a trigger job(done by a professional) and maybe a tech rear sight. If you really want the same level of customization as your glock then you can't go wrong with an AR 15 variant. As cheap or cheaper to get into than the sks if you assemble it yourself, and you can always have both! Thats what I did in the end.

  5. The SKS is pretty hard to modify really. The only really practical modification you could make to a standard SKS would be to get a hi vis front sight and maybe put a Soviet Machine Gun sling pad on whatever sling you're using.

  6. Use this. Best pic mount, BadAceTactical. Their product replaces rear sight which allows the use of stripper clips with a red dot or scope.

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