ps5 anyone playing can help me out?

  1. Ps5 community seems pretty dead so I can't get any help. Maybe someone can just invite me to their game so I can get some salt and level up. That way I won't need help at the beginning.

  2. Co-op progress is tied to least progressed one, so you cant just hop to endgame or ng+ with password.

  3. That's fine but it does seem that nobody is play even on endgame. I have a endgame character and I seem to be summoning the same 3 dudes lol

  4. I just started playing two weeks ago and am really enjoying the game. Been able to get a few summons to help with some bosses / mages that were breaking my soul, which has been great. I believe there is a subreddit for asking for help like in souls games?

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