This movement that he created should not end with him

  1. Bernie has not ruled out a run in 2024 yet! Let's operate under the assumption that we'll be supporting him again in 2024.

  2. As he said from the very beginning. it was never about HIM. This is about a movement. This is about recognizing that republicans are EXTREME right and democrats are near-right.

  3. He has to only run on an independent ticket to win. The DNC isn’t going to let him win without a good fight. Their superdelegate bullshit is going to screw him over again.

  4. Only if he's willing to call the establishment on their bullshit this time. Like calling out the huge discrepancies between the vote totals and exit poll results in 2016 against Hillary.

  5. Love Fetterman. I do a good bit of business in the Braddock area near Pittsburgh and he is a local legend already

  6. Are you suggesting Fetterman for President in 2024. If he wins the Senate seat then that would mean he immediately would have to start running. Shouldn't he actually try doing his job for a few years? Maybe wait until 2028?

  7. I saw Nina turner speak before Bernie at a rally and she was electrifying. She brought the passion and Bernie brought the facts

  8. Donated a $100 to fettermans campaign when he announced and then grabbed a shirt and donated again when he sold those too. Tbh the shirt is literally the most comfy shirt I own.

  9. If only there were any that didn't eventually sell out. Bernie was my once in a lifetime leftist vote because he ran on substance, not wedge issues.

  10. i'll always be thankful for Bernie. as an Australian about to study politics at uni in order to join a party and become a politician, he has inspired me greatly. trust that this will not end with Bernie, as he has touched so many people world wide.

  11. Third parties cannot work in the USA until you get Single Transferable vote. Bernie had the right idea, challenge the dem establishment, keep them scared.

  12. Not yet. We don't yet have the resources to overcome the vicious anti-third party legislation and break the two party monopoly. But sooner or later the Democratic Party will break, and we must be ready.

  13. What happened with Movement for a People's Party? Did it implode due to Democrats infiltrating it, or what?

  14. I love Bernie too. I was one of the delegates that didnt get to participate in LV. Im not sure we're doing ourselves any favors by using

  15. This is some neolib infiltration right here. Bernie should be seen as a way to radicalize folks. This sub starting to shill for middle of the road dems or linking to a "blue no matter who" subreddit only undermines the socialist cause.

  16. I hear you but Bernie’s legacy is exactly this. The movement, not the person. Hard not to idolize the man but idolatry is exactly the mindset he fights against having.

  17. I’m writing him in whether he runs or not. He’s the only politician I can trust to represent my interests.

  18. I’m a democratic socialist and if elected I would literally do everything that Bernie would have. But I feel like we all would. So someone stand up and do it!

  19. That certainly beats my plan to make a Frankenstein's monster from the remains of Colonel H. D. Sanders, then run him backed by the slogan "a fried chicken in every pot."

  20. I can’t believe you guys are just coming to this conclusion. Bernie is a great man, but he can’t save us, he can only inspire us.

  21. I dunno if she would label herself as such, but allow me to throw a bunch of support toward Katie Porter. She is the hero we deserve, economically speaking at least.

  22. should use it to promote the need for those democratic socialists to build a new party to oppose both corporate parties. Sanders proved that the democrats will NEVER allow a shift to the left, the DSA should seek union endorsements and become the socialist mass party of labor that american workers need.

  23. Absolutely not. I have like a million other subs for that. I come here because i specifically want to know things that Bernie is doing/thinking. I unsubbed from one of the AOC subreddits when they started doing this. I come here for Bernie coverage.

  24. If we’re still supporting “democratic socialists”instead of leaning in heavy and truly into breaking away from that scumbag party, we have already failed. I will never again vote for a democrat. Long live Bernie, but fuck the democrats.

  25. I’ve really been wondering about the Political Revolution that he said we need to start from the bottom up and not the top down. Him as POTUS wouldn’t be enough.

  26. This is why, like I said, he needs to handpick a successor to his Senate seat in 2024. He can then close out his career as, hopefully, Labor Secretary of a second Biden term and we’ll have a new Vermont progressive leading the charge in the Senate.

  27. Putting time, money and effort into the Democratic party is a complete waste of that time, money and effort.

  28. Do not confuse this with blue no matter who. The problem is there are very few democratic socialists running in any election.

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