What does your ideal life look like?

  1. Working in what i love, be able to afford basic needs and some wants, lots of cats, chill, go to coffee shops quite often, have a good relationship with parents. That’s it basically.

  2. Ohh yess, I'm essentially the same. I'm also open to the idea of maybe adding few more people to my close knit circle of "my people" but I'm not forcing it otherwise. I think ultimately I just want this inner strength that no matter what- I'll be able to survive and feel fulfilled with the work I wanna do.

  3. not having any money issues at all, not having to worry about any kind of crisis in my life and just be at peace with myself

  4. Moving abroad, having a cute little apartment/ house to myself and my dog (maybe some more pets), working as an artist, pursuing my different hobbies, having enough money to live a decent life and travel, and not having to feel obligated to anyone any longer.

  5. I wish I could make up my mind lol. One ideal life is being able to just sit and look at the ocean, which is 6 hrs away, and do absolutely nothing until I was moved to. Be a minimalist. Just be peaceful. No obligations. Nobody noticing me. But somehow I have $ for food and a small house way away from anyone. I must win the lottery in this ideal life, but secretly so nobody asks me for anything.

  6. Realistically: a small apartment in a cold climate, no friends/partners etc. just me and my work- working the night shift in a medical laboratory

  7. Like others have said, no money problems (no need to be super rich, but comfortable!), a good relationship with my immediate family and no crisis going on in their lives either (or mine, obviously), good health (and I'm working on getting more lean and muscular too), a cat and dog who get along... also somehow I've found the fountain of youth (I hate getting older)?

  8. Being financially independent and living on a property far away from neighbors in home of my design, recording music and taking care of my cats and garden

  9. Chilling outside on a summer night while listening to Lo-fi and having zero worries when it comes to bills and all that. basically absolute freedom.

  10. A self sustaining mountain fortress with walls that also somehow has good internet. Friends live not too far that I have to travel and not too close that I’d expect to see them often.

  11. I’d like to travel for a couple years with a travel trailer, but I think that would eventually get old. A friend of mine used to live in a condo in Seattle with a great view—I think I’d buy a unit in that building and look out the window at the view all day. The sunsets were amazing. But I have no money to buy any of that, and likely never will.

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