Magical thinking

  1. "Magical thinking" is basically 'how I think'. Specifically though, I believe people infect each other with 'vibes' during all kinds of social interaction: emotional states are contagious; and it's hard to avoid being infected by others's personality/behavior.

  2. Tbh I wouldn't consider that "magical thinking" as much as I'd consider it a super interesting way to explain emotionality.

  3. I kind of have something similar- before I knew what an empath was, I would be influenced and feel other people's emotions- they were probably my own, but I was just feeling them as if they were coming from an outside source.

  4. My mom has recommended that I envision a bubble around me, that protects from other peoples energies. Maybe try that! It may help you be more social without sacrificing anything.

  5. I converted to hardcore charismatic evangelical Christianity when I was a teenager. Everything was a sign, a divine meeting, everything happened for a reason.

  6. Yeah I grew up Baptist, but somehow I thought of everything as more like signs from the universe? Instead of "God." Then I got into witchcraft lmao.

  7. Because I kissed my cats yesterday my date went well. I also didn’t have any orange on my socks and this supercharged how lucky I was.

  8. Ah, okay I do these things all the time where I kind of bet how my day will go based on the outcome of things and specific things I do. Like x will happen if this happens- etc.

  9. I believe I am a dragon in spirit/soul so and there might be linked to a lot of signs I have though about since a child that made me think "this is me compared to others. This is why I think different.".

  10. Ah, yeah for me it's on and off as an angel. Then I found the kin community and it kind of made me really averse to it because of the toxicity in those spaces.

  11. I believe “me” my energy that sits inside my meat suit of a body has a cancer hanging on it which is the demon inside my mind. If I am somehow able to shed it, I’d feel a weight lift off.

  12. I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 2 years old. I have this strange delusion that hammering a nail where it hurts will neutralize the pain.

  13. My subconscious believes in magical thinking, but my logical self doesn't. A better way of stating it is that it feels real, but I know it's not. I have paranoia, delusions that stem from magical thinking, paranoia, or derealization. I suffered from derealization since I was a toddler and I had anxiety issues since I was little.

  14. The dictionary definition of magical thinking is: the belief that one's ideas, thoughts, actions, words, or use of symbols can influence the course of events in the material world. Magical thinking presumes a causal link between one's inner, personal experience and the external physical world.

  15. For me I’m a pagan & practice witchcraft. I recognize though that both could just be placebos to help me cope with hallucinations, voices inside my head, & not being on medication because after several years I have found none that helped me. But my methods work & the voices are very helpful to me. So my doctors encourage it

  16. YES omg I got into witchcraft at around 15/16 and I used it to help me cope with a lot of stuff too. Lots of placebo things- especially related to protecting myself and feeling safe.

  17. Kind of weird but I believed that since I led people around me to experience bad emotions such as anger towards me, jealousy towards me, or I encouraged bad behavior such as violence towards me or the usage of drugs, that I wouldn't go to heaven or hell. And that I would be put directly in the center. Not purgatory because purgatory has an end to it once your cleansed of your sins. But a perpetual eternal state of limbo where I am forced to keep the boundaries of hell from collapsing into heaven, but am too far away from heaven to experience any form of bliss. Where I will have knowledge of heaven and the atrocities of hell, but cant be claimed to either. In heaven the angels acknowledge you and in hell the demons do. But where I was going there was no one to acknowledge that i existed except myself. So I existed but never knew for sure.

  18. This sounds so close to what I feel like I experience sometimes when I deal with believing that I'm in Hell or that Earth is purgatory and I get scared that I'm the only person that exists or that everyone else is an NPC.

  19. Yeah I always collect "coincidences" as like evidence for the universe messing with me or something or talking to me. I'm not sure what category that falls under, but I def relate.

  20. I recall having a dream as a young kid that I was destined to harbor the ill will and negativity of the world like some kind of human reservoir of collective sin, for the betterment of humanity. It's something I haven't thought about for a long time, but lately I've been going back to it.

  21. I have something similar in that I was sent here in order to help humanity and like cleanse the world- it's not as strong as it was when I was younger, but it's burdened me as like this life purpose that I'm supposed to have.

  22. ever since I was real young I've believed (despite knowing it's illogical) that the universe hates me, and I have to use reverse psychology in my thoughts to make things go my way. I've been doing this since the age of 8, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

  23. I used to believe that I could perceive causality and make things happen by harnessing the “butterfly effect” I somehow knew how to make things happen by doing small things like waking up at a different time today

  24. I also believed that I was a reality bender but in order to activate the powers I had to be in a near death situation.

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