Is it normal for people like us to be fearful of certain sounds?

  1. I'm not afraid of sounds per se but I do have a misophonia for sibilant sounds (the aptly named hissing sounds in S, Z, sh, etc). Seemingly randomly, I'll notice their prominence when people talk and then every other word feels like they're hissing directly into my ear.

  2. I'm very much afraid of Motrocylce sounds. It's extremely loud and every time they pass me by I get this thought it's going to be a drive by shooting...either that or I completely lose my sense of surroundings and I have to stop and wait for the motorcycle to pass by so I can continue walking

  3. I have serious issues with the sound of dogs barking, especially dogs with high pitched barks, and that rubs people the wrong way... There's also not much I can do about it since dogs are prevalent everywhere and people expect you to tolerate their barking no matter what. But I can't stand it, it literally drives me on the verge of insanity when it's close to me, and nobody is sympathetic because for some reason people these days are really sensitive to any form of criticism or dislike of dog behavior. Dogs themselves are alright, but I cannot own them as pets, their needs are pretty much incompatible with my own needs as I need absolute silence, no rough housing, and I'm too afraid of society to go out for walks everyday.

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