Do you want to get rid of your magical thinking?

  1. It’s ruined my life. My magical thinking manifests itself as me thinking everyone can read my mind…it’s horrible. I want it gone. Edit: bruh who tf gave this a wholesome award 😭

  2. Yes. Contrary to popular belief magical thinking dont refer to believing in magical things, but to seeing patterns not existing and thinking you affect the world in unrealistic ways. For example, my husband and I is becoming homeowners. A close family member might have a serious illness. I think I caused it by manifesting the house. I would love to be rid of that

  3. I'm not sure if I experience magical thinking. I do think I have to do certain things to prevent demons from "utilising" their power fully or fully entering my bedroom though and whenever I sense them I think they are reading my mind. Sometimes I think unrelated events are related, not often, but it's usually fear based. One example is I once thought I was going to get fired because someone was angry at me for not having a fulltime job, and that same day my manager texted me to ask if I was coming in the next day, I was so convinced that these events were related that I stayed up the entire night from fear. Maybe this is magical thinking, but, even if I am wrong, it would be nice to not deal with it, because it's often scary, if it wasn't scary then I probably wouldn't care though.

  4. Yeah that's textbook magical thinking. I once helped an older man who fell and got a little blood on me from his scrapes. Weeks later I fall and get some serious scrapes: my brain goes "the old man's blood did it"

  5. For me I can get insight on my problems. But it won’t stop me from believing the magical thinking or the ideas of reference. I never had that kind of insight before I knew what STPD was

  6. It's complicated. I've got a pretty good handle on it these days and I often miss the experiences I used to have. Yet the residual thoughts, the ones I really struggle to convince myself aren't real, are a torment to me and it would be very useful not to have them.

  7. It depends. I can't exactly ever 'get rid' of my paranoid thoughts or magical thinking. They are always there. Even if I can look at myself in the mirror and say 'this is insane,' I still end up believing these things anyway. It's like a shadow that always follows me. I just have to learn to live with them.

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