Is it an STPD thing to find yourself meaning something but working very hard to find the word for it?

  1. Maybe. Sometimes I use images to try to describe a thing, and I have only seen that as an option with others with schizotypical personality dissorder.

  2. (I'm diagnosed as quasipsychotic/pseudopsychotic) This happens to me constantly, just never feels as though there are enough words in any language to describe things. I use adjacent "similar" words sometimes or just tack things onto words(like -tion, -ness, etc.) to describe certain things. I feel like there is a word library in my head and sometimes the words I want are "checked out" so I have to wait if I want access to them.

  3. Constantly. Definitions and analogies are my bread & butter, so even if it’s a word that I barely know and can’t recall, I know it’s the right term and it’s torturous to be stuck with that “tip of my tongue” feeling.

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