Sometimes I feel like ideas and thoughts get "stuck" in my head, and I can't properly get them out. If this happens to you, what do you do to remedy it?

  1. I have a discord server I use to put random things in I want to save for later. It's useful since I can always access it. I find it frustrating to write in though.

  2. Distracting myself helps with things sometimes but thoughts can be overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I'm at the mercy of them. I've been drawing again recently and it's been a nice outlet.

  3. I've kept a diary for about the past 8 years. I can't say it's a perfect remedy for the sort of experience you're describing, but i'd recommend it anyway

  4. Yeah, fixating on thoughts can happen. If its ideas like "die, your worthles, no one cares, die" i keep countering these thoughts with "live, I want to find my happiness, live". It depends on the thoughts how I combat them. Sometimes I ignore it, other times I counter them if they are overly negative to myself. If its weird things like "sebras are black with white stripes" I just let them be. Seriously, shaving sebras make them all black o_o

  5. I was more trying to say that I have trouble wording my thoughts but I also get the fixations. Random words or phrases sometimes repeat themselves over and over for no reason, sometimes things I just said or heard, I can't control it so it annoys me sometimes. Sometimes disturbing images do that, I hate it, but I never try to fight those anymore because I'm used to it.

  6. I just allow it to be there. This is like one of those 'don't think about a pink elephant' things. The more you try to get rid of it the more it persists. I just welcome the thought and then do about my day and it disappears quickly without me realizing.

  7. This was more me trying to say that I have trouble wording my thoughts properly, but, I get intrusive thoughts too. I also just try to ignore them because I've gotten used to them, I used to try really hard to fight them. A lot of them are just very silly though like repeating a word or phrase over and over again, but some are very disturbing, but I still just let them happen now.

  8. Is this something that happens in OCD? I do have some other OCD traits, I think. But sometimes my thoughts feel so vague I don't even know what they mean which is frustrating too.

  9. One method is to find another thought that you find more interesting (this is the hard part) that is also more positive and helpful to you.

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