Were you in a ward?

  1. I was what is called an ambulant patient, I didn't stay there, I came on my own and received treatment. But technically i was a ward patient. It was on my own volition.

  2. I kinda feel this, medical professionals have told me it’s likely a possibility in my future, but I just don’t have the time/inclination/support system.

  3. Everyone in my ward the second time I was there willingly were drug-induced schizophrenics. The nurse labeled me the “normal” one. “She just has depression.” (I was being treated for PPD [postpartum depression] both times, which is why I committed myself willingly, and they also treated my depression and anxiety on top of it.)

  4. I get trapped in a cycle where I get arrested and/or taken into the emergency room, and then released the next day, over and over for the duration of my mental crisis that can last weeks or months. Apparently, it's extremely expensive. I've never gone willingly, not that I can remember.

  5. I have sometimes really wanted to call to be put in honestly. Not because I am a danger to others, but because I am scared I might end up hurting myself. It never happens, and I battle through those episodes, but I am not afraid to admitt I have wondered if it would be better getting proper help during those times. I am usually alone, so its hard to ask for help.

  6. multiple times, some willingly, some less than willingly. ranging from days, weeks, months. some were eating disorder treatments (the longer ones), which was where i was diagnosed with stpd

  7. 3,5 months willingly , then two weeks unwillingly, then another two weeks unwillingly, then about 6 weeks willingly , havent been hospitalised since the last time.

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