Has medication helped you?

  1. Yep. A mix of antidepressants and antipsychotics. Im off the depressants but the antipsychotics are a necessity, I'm a hallucinating insomniac mess who cannot function without them.

  2. If you have trouble describing yourself or reflexively masking, try looking at a list of symptoms/aspects of your condition and explain how they relate to you.

  3. A couple of SSRIs nearly killed me, benzos actually profoundly helped my anxiety, so I can't get those anymore. They give me fucking antihistamines for anxiety which just make me too tired to function. Welbutrin seems helpful but I'm a weird extra broken person. Everything that works is "too bad for me" like unbridled self hatred and a penchant for destruction are noot.

  4. How long did you take the benzos? They are definitely great for anxiety but they are not good long term medications for anxiety . They tend to stop working and withdrawals are awful

  5. I got antidepressives, and honestly, it helps. It didnt just counter my depression, but has managed to calm my anxiety quite a bit as well. I kinda wanna increase the dosage as I am still so tired, or maybe when I get a new shrink see if there is meds for schizotypical that might be helpfull. I was thinking of wanting to go the no meds route and balance my mind naturally, so it took a while before I actually tried meds. I consider it a bit like crutches that make it possible for me to get around better. It helps when I dont keep thinking everyone hates me all the time 😅

  6. If you are that tired I’d hold off on increasing the anti depressant dosage . If it’s an ssri raising the dosage generally just worsens the tiredness

  7. I find the haldol injection helpful in some ways. It removes my bad thoughts but it also removes most of my other thoughts. It's made me blank and boring and I miss the magic of my thoughts. It's worth it to take it though, to stay out of psychosis.

  8. The antipsychotic helps stop the violent shifts and mental pain. It does take a bit of the flow out of the world though. However, that lets me notice when things are fake. It helps me remember who my friends are.

  9. I took an antipsychotic for 6 months or so. It helped stabilize me all around but it really kills your personality and makes you feel dead inside, like a total shell. I felt paralyzed and mute. I was even more withdrawn and talked even less than I usually do. Felt no pleasure anymore from my nature walks, might as well just sit and stare at a wall.

  10. Yeah but I'm trans so its sort of different. I started estrogen a last year and I feel a lot better. I'm still a bit paranoid and a bit crazy, but now I'm not really depressed and suicidal for the first time in a decade, I feel generally positive that helps me deal with being schizotypal.

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