does music affect anyone a lot

  1. Sun Ra is one of my absolute favorites and when I was recently going through a pretty intense psychotic episode his music was giving me messages. It was drawing me in and I couldn’t stop listening but it was very intense, I was having a body shakes and tons of other horrible effects during this time. Sun Ra was just a very small part of this journey but it definitely stood out to me as very important at the time. Again, one of my favs and I’m sorry you can’t enjoy him Anymore as he is obviously a visionary. Jazz music has the exact same effect on me.. to be honest your post is giving me mad horrible vibes as if someone is specifically trying to target me and figure out who I am because of how acutely specific some of this. I’m doubting/disregarding that so I can genuinely connect and tell you I probably could have wrote this post, although perhaps I’m generating subconsciously somehow.

  2. I'm hoping I can get the collected book of his written stuff cus that makes a lot of sense to me too, and I can just shut my eyes if its too much, but I can't find it for less then £30.

  3. yes, i would say so. im intensely interested in music, it is my special interest so to say. it makes up most of my day for as long as i can think. and im focused on it like staring at the wall only listening. it is full of meaning (or a feeling of meaning) for me and similar to travel. maybe like a dream world i prefer to the real world.

  4. I love listening to Sun Ra but it can be overwhelming for sure. I was listening to him while driving the other day and felt like I was in a DMT dream that I had to snap out of. I think that kind of free jazz speaks to my deeper primal self.

  5. Yes music affects me deeply, jazz in particular. Sun Ra is my favorite - but it is also very powerful, potent music that I can only listen to at certain times. His music changed me more than anything else I ever listened to in my life, it speaks to my spirit directly. I have music on almost 24/7 (except at work or stuff like that) because it helps me regulate my emotions and keeps me from getting too stuck in rumination/negative thought loops and paranoia. I also have rigid obsessions related to music, like listening to certain songs on certain days of the week/certain seasons of the year and feeling out of control and very upset if the “wrong” kind of music is on in certain environments. I also believe music can be used to communicate with the spirit world, which is part of why it’s important for me to have the “right” music playing at any given moment. I make music too but lately haven’t been very active due to health problems.

  6. I love music because it calms my mind down. Like, for a couple minutes I am not hyperactive and over thinking. Peaceful. Any genre or song is helpful, so I don’t have a preference. But the artists/bands I find most calming are Koop, Cocteau twins, the cure, the sundays, Alice In Chains, bjork, boards of Canada, and vashti Bunyan. I like classical stuff too.

  7. Yeah music, books, ambient noise, etc reeeeally effect me. I try to be conscious of what I'm hearing, because i won't necessarily know how much it effects my mood until i start/stop it

  8. I didnt know I liked jazz before I listen to it. It can help me feel better to listen to. I prefer the relaxing, chill coffe shop jazz on youtube. And yeah. Music can have me imagining the craziest things. Each song I have heard is like a coaster of images and motions I cant really explain.

  9. Certain music puts me in a drooling, trance-like state, especially when I’m alone or on psychoactive substances. Recently it’s been heavy, experimental bands like Swans or The Body.

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