“Crazy eyes”

  1. I think its what happens if you stare to intensly. People have told me I can get intense eyes as well, and its... "scary". Either you look to little, or you look to much. People cant decide. They tell you please look at me more when you talk, and then when you do, they get freaked out... i have found I prefer autistic people because they dont care if you stare at them to "much."

  2. I never know how much eye contact is enough. I end up looking around at other things because I can't tell if I'm staring too much. I hate making eye contact though because it feels invasive, but people expect you to do it.

  3. Some guy mentioned he walked towards his father without any specific feeling and afterwards the father told him he got scared because his son had a killer look on his face and looked like a dangerous wolf trying to kill him.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t comment or save it and I couldn’t find it with a few different search terms. The other replier described it well and the post included a picture of a wolf with it’s head tilted down and eyes menacing the camera.

  5. I think you’re right, because I’ve had someone going door to door tell me they could tell by my eyes I was harmless. But in that situation I was home and comfortable, not socially anxious at a bar. Thanks, I agree that people are too cavalier with hurtful comments

  6. i get that all the time but in different ways than that when i am dissociating, people immediately take notice by how my eyes look. my friends and my psychiatrist often tell me "you have the look again, are you here?" . i have never noticed "the look" in myself, but to others it is apparent.

  7. I'm a woman and people tend to avoid me or seem scared of me. It's been this way since I was a teen. I was always the 'weird girl who never speaks and no one talks to.' As an adult, people I work with tend to find me unnerving. I always find it confusing because I try so, so hard to mask and act as normal as possible but I guess there are some giveaways I am not aware of.

  8. I can understand this, at least; I’ve never been told I look like a killer but a girl from a grade below me in hs once mentioned in public convo on FB that I gave off “school shooter vibes”. How does one not take that personally?

  9. I get she was a b-word but remember other people are reading who had those experiences with a stillborn... please reconsider having it in a public forum.

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