Easy Non-Schulich First Year Electives?

  1. I took GEOG 1000 but there may be easier ones out there. Also idk how much the course has changed since I took it 4 years ago.

  2. I might consider it but the course description seems a bit boring. Mixing religion and geography seems like a snooze but I shall research it more. Thanks for the input :)

  3. Modr 1770 with Dan McArthur is an easy A. It’s a 6 credit course with 4 tests throughout the year. Those were each worth 25%. The only thing that bothered everyone with this prof was that he never replied to emails, he was always late to lectures and the communication for the tests weren’t there at all. So like yea he Gave me an A but it was a hard year with him. Otherwise if you take any other Prof for this course, they have their own syllabus so

  4. Appreciate the detailed response, is there a massive difference between MODR 1760 and MODR 1770? I browsed through Reddit and they both seem to be equally interesting and well-reviewed. Does it come to personal preference in terms of course content when deciding between the two?

  5. GER1791 if you’re interested in fairy tales. A is definitely achievable, and you can get an A+ as long as you put in a decent amount of effort

  6. Intro to Arab Culture- I believe wahlid teaches the course, it’s 6 credits but super easy just papers and all the answers are on the slide decks :)

  7. Ended up taking MODR 1760 as it interested me and there were a lot of positive reviews on the course! Thanks for the help :)

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