Territorial crow season

  1. A few years ago there was a woman running down our street because 8 or so crows were swooping at her head and attacking. It did not look fun. That experience motivated me to become friendly with the crows to avoid that. So I fed them dog kibble once as a preemptive olive branch. But then they kept coming back for more.

  2. This is totally true. I give my local crow group peanuts in the shell which they love and they recognize me out on the street now. I used to get buzzed on the street in my neighborhood (phinney ridge) at this time of year. This year, not once. They tell their crow pals about you too.

  3. https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/communicable-diseases/zoonotic/facts-resources/diseases-by-animal/~/media/depts/health/communicable-diseases/documents/zoonotic/if-you-care-dont-feed-wildlife.ashx

  4. Can we turn this thread into Crow Attack Story Hour? I wanna hear everyone’s awkward attack stories. Mine was watching my then-husband run to the front door in a panic with the dog and seeing crows dive-bombing him from behind. It was an entertaining moment for me but him not so much.

  5. I love Crow Story Time... John Marzluff at the UW School of Environment and Forest Science is the world's foremost expert on Corvid species and he tells amazing crow stories.

  6. All good advice. One thing I'll add is thinking of changing your appearance, at least from behind.

  7. I've been dive bombed (with contact) twice so far this spring. They are super aggressive around Cal Anderson when they are nesting. If you're a guy with a buzzcut we all look like no gooders to them!

  8. Territorial juvenile owls do not approve of men with buzzcuts either. Source: my husband found out at Bridle Trails several years ago.

  9. I start long walks around the neighborhood when gyms closed in 2020, and I've kept at it since. I've been attacked my crows in the same spot in 2020 and 2021, and it looks like it'll happen again in 2022. Great.

  10. for a different perspective on this post, i’ve befriended a couple crows near my apartment by feeding them dry cat kibble and occasionally unsalted peanuts. crows are super cool and Seattle is the best place in the world to meet crows.

  11. For all those early morning runners, heads up, it’s also spider web season. That time of year where, if you’re the first person to run down that sidewalk this morning, you’re going to take a half dozen spider webs to the face.

  12. As a mushroom hunter, breaking spiderwebs with my face has become as routine as breathing. Despite that, I still flip the hell out when something starts moving around in my hair or does a fast web-eject from the top of my face.

  13. Hah, there was a crow checking out something in my garden yesterday evening and a brave rabbit charged at it, forcing it to flee. The bunny tried to pursue. And then a second crow landed to see what the first crow had found, and the rabbit charged at it and forced it to flee. I thought it must have been the rabbit's young hidden in a hole while she ate, so I went to check it out myself. The rabbit didn't charge at me, but it didn't entirely flee and watched me from a distance. There was nothing that I could see that drew the crow's interest, so I went back inside.

  14. Last year a fledgling fell down into my yard and had to post up there for a couple weeks. My dog would get dive-bombed when he went out to pee. He's a little guy so it was a bit scary.

  15. We've been having issues with crows trying to knock one of our cats off of our rooftop railing. The issue is compounded by our husky opening the door and letting our cat go out unsupervised.

  16. I’ve always wanted to befriend a grow so I would throw them dog treats while out walking the dog. It was cool that they would follow me up the block trying to get more treats. I even learned where one pair of crows’ territories would end and another begin. Their almost do a hand off at street corners. End result, my wife who has been attacked by crows before told me I had to stop doing that because eventually the crows recognized our dog and started follow my wife when she’d walk the dog. They weren’t doge bombing her, just asking for treats. But if you’ve been attacked several times before I can understand not trusting a couple crows following you on your walk.

  17. Yeah fledgling season is upon us!! Same thing happened to me the other day. Was stopped down getting something out of my backpack and woosh caw caw, very scary. I got attacked for a while on a run last spring. Luckily it didn't remember be or cross my path again. They're jerks sometimes. An old coworker once stepped out to our small parking lot in SLU for a phone call. She returned with a bloody scalp after one got her.

  18. I had a crow swoop and peck my head on my usual walk to work one morning. The next day, I heard him cawing and saw him ready to hassle me again.. so I picked up a small pebble (a very small one; didn’t want to actually hurt him), looked him straight in the eyes and threw it at him. My aim was good enough as it flew off just as it was about to hit him. He never bothered me again after that day! I love crows actually — used to have three of them (a couple and their fledgling) visit my balcony all the time since I fed them. But don’t mess with me! Lol.

  19. Waiting for the lady I once yelled at for letting her kid harass a sick crow to comment about the twink who publicly embarrassed her and then took the damn crow.

  20. I have a couple of crows that get some dog biscuits when I feed the birds. I've yet to be attacked by any but I've definitely been cawed at aggressively. Not by the ones I give snacks to but others.

  21. I’m not crazy enough to believe I’ve ‘made friends’ with crows, that’s madness. I do however address them each time I’m walking towards them with ‘hi crow friend.’

  22. You don't want to make enemies out of crows. They'll remember you for years. They'll also remember if you were kind to them.

  23. Last Spring I had one circle around me every morning when I walked by and would dive a few times but never got all that close to me, just let me know it was there and watching me. Saw it this morning for the first time this year and it just squawked a bunch but never left the tree. I hope it just remembers me from last year and leaves me alone lol.

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