I have a clean record but a ding on my credit score due to a missed credit card payment due to a covid-related complication. I'm finding it impossible to find a place to rent in Renton or South Seattle. Are there any laws or current rules that can help me out?

  1. I worked in property management as a leasing agent for eight years. In fact, I would frequently work in downtown Renton. Please don't let this scare you. Washington is extremely tenant friendly and as long as you don't owe money to a previous landlord, this shouldn't even be an issue unless you're working with a private owner (in which case, they have less regulations on the restrictions they enforce).

  2. Sad to say but you’re suffering from the first in time rule and artificially high restrictions. Either look in a town that doesn’t have it, or much smaller landlords (and still be prepared to be nixed a bunch).

  3. It was over 60 days late and they closed the card. That's the main issue. I didn't even know that I hadn't had my direct deposit done into that account until they told me; I thought I had plenty in there, but nope.

  4. That's odd, I thought they normally cared way more about rental history than credit score. Maybe you can offer to pay a larger deposit or last months rent if you are financially able?

  5. I've offered, but most places with management companies have a minimum score. I'm way below it because my main client's accountant got COVID and nobody else had access to the payroll for two months. And this was during looking for an apartment. I'm hoping someone here knows of a place where I can have a reasonable discussion with the landlord about it, but most are automated and/or they simply don't make exceptions. I know that there are private landlords who are like that, but they simply don't have to advertise anymore it seems, because they're not on Craigslist anymore.

  6. My payroll didn't pay me for over two months. How is that personal responsibility? It was a covid problem and there are covid programs, I'm just hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

  7. It is not that useful a role to be so judgmental in situations that you really don't know shit about. Instead of quizzing this guy for proof of his worth, feel free just to click on another post.

  8. If they're bending you over during the process, imagine what they'll make you do once your a tenant. This might be a blessing in disguise. Look for a small landlord. These larger companies are evil.

  9. One missed credit card payment caused your credit score to drop that much? Sounds like it is low to start with. There's various things you can do to bring it up. How many cards do you have? What's your utilization? Have you had other types of loans?

  10. funny how you have to pay some stupid service to actually report rent payments to the credit bureaus like why isnt it automaticlly done for free. Could help so many people out with their credit scores

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