Hate this crap...smh

  1. "I'm so hardcore, I wrote 'kill cops' on this dumped couch, it was hella crazy. And I totally caught the last bus back to Kirkland and lied to mom about where I was, and she bought it since I'm so hardcore."

  2. Complete bullshit. This was not hot topic kids this was not hard-core kids. I was one of those kids we didn't do that shit. This is blm bullshitand nothing else.

  3. Who really thinks we should kill cops? I thought the death of Floyd was horrible and those men should be prosecuted but this lingo is too extreme

  4. Triggered by graffiti Why burn books when we should be burning COUCHES!!! (Literally trash left out on the street) who fucking cares

  5. I see this around so much on the hill but I really don’t get it since none of them do anything except whine and spray edgelord graffiti everywhere.

  6. What do you hate about it? Did you run out of room and decide to stack the words? Did your sharpie run out of ink at the bottom?

  7. I love how easy it is to set folks off with some made up shit 🤣 "do anything for clout" bet you OP did this shit

  8. I got kicked out of a bar in Cap Hill when I asked a bartender wearing an ACAB shirt if she believed my father should have died in the South Tower instead of making it out. These people can’t respond to rationality.

  9. Imposing your morals on society when people have gone through situations you haven’t is hella narcissistic. There’s whole studies on people who impose what they think is right morally on society.

  10. I'm all for defunding crooked cops who abuse their powers and have literal tanks in their garage, but this is perhaps (definitely) a step too far. That's a life there, and there are good cops out there, who can absolutely be good humans.

  11. Agree 100%, police forces have issues, we can advocate for change and reform, advocating to have them all murdered doesn't accomplish shit...

  12. Do you think it's okay to generalize an entire group of people based of personal experiences or stereotypes?

  13. ACAB doesn't mean murder tho. You can't fucking murder people because you hate them. How are you going to advocate for peace with murder?

  14. This person openly wants blacks to be harmed and killed because that’s the direct correlation of an absence of policing in black communities. It’s also not even the majority stance of most black Americans. I found the white nationalist

  15. Do you believe the solution is advocating for Reform or should we advocate for defunding and abolishing police?

  16. Which one? The asshole tagging garbage? Or the asshole who pretends he's offering free goods when really he's just avoiding a dump few by putting his garbage on yh curb?

  17. if you stop reacting to it ppl will stop doing it- or you’ll just stop noticing it cause it’s not that deep. move out of seattle if you want to see it less/if it really downs on your day lol.

  18. It's stupid because there is barely any cops. And the office is by appointment now at most stations in Seattle. Yet some people wants more cops gone

  19. This ain't Democrats, just like there's issues with radicals on the right we also have radicals on the left, it's just teenage commies and anarchists wanting to be edgy for clout

  20. Ok? Did they actually kill anyone? Op is getting all worked up and writing paragraphs in the comments about some edgy writing on a couch 🙄

  21. It's disturbing that there are so many comments here simply saying "whAts tHE biG deAl?" "You acTualLy tHiNk aDvoCatInG fOr muRdeR Is BaD?!?" "HaVnT yoU meT a cOp??" "noOneS ActUalLy beIng mUrdErd" 🥴

  22. I've decided I hate it here, I feel like there is a lot of follow and don't ask any questions. I feel like that is the shadow of the hypersensitive absurdity. Im done. I want to leave here with my family. It's hurting my ability to produce and contribute. My self awareness, explanations, rationale and perceptions are ALL labeled as excuses. I hate it here. It's more greedy and corrupt Tham where I came from... NY.

  23. I doubt if da person who tagged [email protected] ever killed a cop, cuz those who kill cops don't even Speak on it, let alone scribble it somewhere. Lame ASF...

  24. Complete delusion, you'd think more than 1% of cops are violent with your justification but it's just not true, but folks here will use that 1% to justify killing ALL cops fsr 🙄 like you did here...

  25. When the cops actually leave there will be so many Kyle Rittenhouse like incidents that they will beg them to come back otherwise they'll be wiped out.

  26. These fucking losers coukd never survive if there were no cops and they actually had the world they pretend to want. They'd be annihilated instantly.

  27. Yeah bro sidewalk trash is wack af. Too bad it wasn’t an old mattress with ‘nothing else mattress’ spray painted though. Way more edgy.

  28. Hmmm. when I was 7 I saw my dad punch my mom. She was sent to the hospital with a black eye. I remember telling the cops what had happened and they sided with my dad anyway (he told them she fell on her face) Wish he was in handcuffs back then to teach him a lesson but…. nope.

  29. Why does this have a “politics” flair? Are you suggesting that there is any mainstream political affiliation that shares this abhorrent view? Because there isn’t.

  30. Anarchism and telling Cops to kill themselves because they are "symbols of oppression" is politically motivated messaging imo...

  31. Uhm....you might have noticed some riots in the wake of some dude being killed by a cop in Minneapolis. I don't think there were very many Republicans in amongst the rioters.

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