Eastside bear that evaded capture for years is caught, killed near Issaquah

  1. I'm pretty sure this bear was in my backyard a week ago. I was at work but the wife got pictures and video and it was certainly larger than others I've seen.

  2. Don't think that's it. This one was a BIG boy. My friends had him go through their yard a few times and it was obvious when it was him compared to the other black bears that cruise through from time to time.

  3. It's sweet they cared about the potential slow strangle the collar might be causing so they could hurry up and shoot the damn bear

  4. Really too bad. Had this guy in a neighbors yard on camera. Was worried about the collar which was way too tight. God speed yogi. We are better off with these creatures around. Now, if this was a cougar, I would be concerned. Those fuckers are legit scary.

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