Seattle officials release video of man and woman hit by car in road rage incident at Pike Place

  1. I'm sure glad they beeped the "foul language" out, otherwise this gross example of violence would have been obscene.

  2. Infuriating that American media has some weird obsession with censorship. I'm already watching this video, just let me see the fucking video without having my ears raped with your censor bleeps ffs.

  3. Weird. The version released on Fox 13 news via Google News doesn’t have anything bleeped out.

  4. Once again, this needs to become closed to the public for driving. It is too dense with pedestrians and becomes extremely dangerous when shit like this happens, as they have very limited places to flee. People have been struck and injured here before from reckless driving, and it will happen again, and eventually someone will die needlessly.

  5. The city should vacate the street and give it to the market. If they need it for deliveries, let them use it for deliveries.

  6. Looks like there is an officer there on foot within 2 minutes. Not sure how much more you can ask for. Short of a cop spread out every 60 seconds apart throughout Pike Place.

  7. Therein lies the problem my friend! We are but a very fucking strange city full of junkies, criminals, and the most insane wage gap in the US. The police are rarely found doing anything productive outside of homeless camp sweeps and beating protesters.

  8. exactly! in china, they have cops everywhere, and cameras everywhere! people don’t commit nearly as many crimes. we should move to a system like that. more cops, more control, it’s just baby steps to safety.

  9. I was just there 2 weeks ago! Parked in that same area 😳! What is going on with America? The other day, a man was infuriated and sped through a school drop off zone and was met with the other side of the drop off line he couldn’t see…almost a head on collision! There are parents walking their kids to class and kids walking by themselves😔 no one got hurt! But a few miles down the road an idiot ran over 3 kids in Santa Ana. And then yesterdays shooting in Texas! I don’t want to take my daughter to school this morning ( I am but 😳😬😫)

  10. I mean 28 years ago a woman fed up with school traffic hopped the curb and drove across an elementary school while classes were getting out and hit 2 kids, in my home town. Just like guns, cars are killing machines, and there will always be people not sane or responsible enough to safely operate them

  11. sad that no one curb stomped this loser. they had the opportunity and legal justification to rearrange his brains free of charge. Instead this micropeen is going to keep harassing people until someone bigger puts him down. Probably in a bar fight in idaho after he spawns 3 little burdens on society.

  12. Do you seriously think they'd be legally justified to curb stomp him...? That's not how the law works...

  13. Sorry, I didn't see it. I just looked through the post history and didn't see it there either. Maybe it has a different title.

  14. Crime in this city has gotten out of hand. We need officers with AR's on every corner to send a message to criminals. Seattle needs a crime free week, where every officer arrests every junky on every corner.

  15. I thought legalization of pot smoking was supposed to make people around here mellow and chill, somehow it has had the opposite effect...

  16. You really believed that legal pot was supposed to mean nobody in the entire population would go batshit violent?

  17. Pot makes some people paranoid and tips others over into schizophrenia. The idea that it makes everyone mellow and chill is a bit ridiculous.

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