Ballard carjacker/child kidnapper - Charged 3 felonies from 2 court appearances - Judge lowered bail - bail paid by Northwest Bail Fund

  1. Is the NWCBF even being pursued for the $5k in bail when the suspect doesn't show or are they using bail bond services and they're only paying $500 and $4500 for failure to appear would be on the suspect?

  2. You'd think someone would inform their Wallingford neighbors who they have to thank for releasing criminals back into the community.

  3. Bail is a terrible system. Either you should be out until your court date or not. Having money to cover bail shouldn't enter into it.

  4. First things first, contact them and let them know they are not doing enough to vet the people they are funding so they understand the consequences of their negligence when they indiscriminately pay for felon's bails.

  5. Sadly, the last 990 form available is for 2019. No donors listed. They only got $170k ish then. In 2020 that amount exploded with all of the deranged people giving money to causes to support criminals.

  6. I am a public defender. From the comments here, I detect a misconception about bail. Release from custody is presumed because you are presumed innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a cornerstone of democracy. The main criteria cosidered when setting bail are your likelihood to not appear for court and risk of interference with the administration of justice i.e. not follow a court order such a no contact order i.e. DV or not abstain from alcohol/drugs if a dui etc. This gentleman, up until the latest incident is charged with property crimes, not crimes of violence. These fall into the lowest category of seriousness. We have 6000 open felony cases pending trial in king county alone and the jail is full of violent offenders. Sure it's frustrating watching your stuff get constantly ripped off but when the judge is sitting on the bench he has to balance a property crime charge against all the violent offenders who are also on the docket. And as far as the NWBRF, their whole premise is why should only rich people get released and poor people have to sit in jail for months waiting for trial. It's easy to armchair quarterback after a guy goes out and screws up bad, but it takes a lot of judicial experience to make the right call each and every day.

  7. If a rich person gets released, has no prior convictions, and stands more to lose financially, I have my doubts that he is equally as likely to skip bail as someone with 12 felonies, including assault and criminal mischief and has had 28 arrests.

  8. As much as I agree with a lot of what you are saying I don’t believe “full jails” is a good excuse. Jail is at half capacity because of Covid (reality is Dow Constantine doesn’t want to take in the budget increase).

  9. What do we need to change so that repeat property crime offenses no longer fall into the lowest level of seriousness?

  10. In most jurisdictions, previous charges, having a job and connections to the community would also be considered in determining bail would they not?

  11. Your system has created the #1 property crime rate in the nation. No one is saying to release violent offenders, but it isn’t justice to say that this guy doesn’t deserve bail but just because there are much worse guys than him. You can always set a low bail but IT should NOT be standard practice/policy. Our courts and justice system locally is FUCKED UP.

  12. Wait, is it true that a carjacking is considered a property crime, not a violent crime? Presumably it involves a weapon and threat/high risk of violence to force someone to get out of their vehicle, which would make it seem more akin to kidnapping in my book.

  13. Bail need to have a seperate category: "Appears to be guilty". That is like standing over a dead body with a smoking gun in you hand, and 12 outstinding felonies. But that probably would be abused as well. But "innocent until proven guilty has mutated into: Guys boke, and we cant make any money off him so lets cut him loose. Not my problem if he kills somebody.

  14. So i have a co worker who gave people shit about being happy the green lake camp was cleared. Than complained about having to take the bus with the very same drug addicts.

  15. how large of a fund could this Bail fund possibly have, especially if people don't make their court dates? We have a literacy charity, and every $50 that we get really makes a difference. We make a lot of funding by searching among donated books for ones that will resell for $10 or more, to get postage money. The Bail fund seems to have millions.

  16. Once 2020 hit, the number of delusional left wing people giving to charities out of COVID boredom was pretty high. I can't find any filings from them since 2019.

  17. In most cases they probably get the money back, the same 5k could release 100 people if they all show up.

  18. How long before OP edits that the judge reduced bail from $250k to $5k and the Northwest Community Bail fund posted bond?

  19. Who funds Northwest Bail Fund? Better fucking not be my property taxes (but of course what can I do about it).

  20. Who is paying those bonds? Koch brothers out there trying to sabotage us or something so Fox News always has a way to rail on Seattle?

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