Seattle Pacific University students walk out after board reaffirms discriminatory hiring policy

  1. Unless you hurt SPU's wallet by threatening to leave permanently then they won't do anything. They'll just wait for this to blow over, people move onto the next hot topic, and then it's back to business as usual

  2. It could be that they didn't give it much thought until the policy was given more attention. Or they align themselves with the university and it's teachings aside from the LGBT+ stance. I think it's probably a good thing when members of an institution try to change the institution from within rather than just throwing their hands up into the air and going somewhere else, leaving only the least progressive members to run the show.

  3. Seriously. To go there you have to sign a code of conduct that's rooted in the Methodist tradition. Basically "OK, I promise not to act like a college student". Not sure why the students would expect some of the most rigid Protestants to suddenly become LGB friendly

  4. As a gay man, I can tell you that when I was 18, applying to colleges, and still not completely accepting of myself/understanding of the implications of my sexuality in different environments, a schools stance on something like this probably would not be the topic that I am most concerned of. If SPU was one of the better schools I got it accepted into (or only), or was the only one I could afford due to scholarship situations, then I would go there. Of course, as someone graduating from UW now, I’m happy as hell I’m not a gay man attending SPU

  5. Students attend SPU for a lot of reasons. SPU baits low income and BIPOC students into attending with pretty good scholarships. 80% of SPU students, staff and faculty are LGBTQIA+ affirming, so the overall culture of the school is affirming. This is why students care so much about changing the policy. They care about their peers and faculty. Also many if not a majority of students and all faculty fighting for change are Christian. These folks want to go to a Christian university that accepts all people.

  6. You have no idea how many people I know that go for just for the namesake, that are basically anti religion, just try to get through the religious bs, that are just trying to get a success degree like everyone else.

  7. Yeah extremely entitled of the students to demand a Christian based school change their beliefs or rules . Go to a public school where you can be whoever and with whoever you want. If you are forced to go to school by your parents there then you probably shouldn’t have a say in shit if you can’t afford it.

  8. All their goofy beliefs are interpreted from the bible and are fluid. It's not there is an explicit commandment that says thou shalt not hire the gayz.

  9. I mean, it’s not much of a campus without the students, especially at a small school like SPU that’s more about teaching than research.

  10. Pretty poor reporting to not cover the legal statutes concerning this. My understanding is that on the federal level, sexual orientation is not a protected class, meaning employers can discriminate during hiring according to a person's sexual orientation.

  11. Religious institutions are exempt. SPU is run by a conservative Methodist denomination. The SCOTUS has consistently reaffirmed that religious organizations are allowed to set policies keeping with their religious values.

  12. Why the fuck go to a religious school and then protest it if that’s not your belief system? Just go to a normal school that isn’t run by retrograde, bigoted assholes. There are plenty of them. I don’t get why people sign up to be a part of a religious institution like this, and then act surprised.

  13. Nobody is forcing them to apply to this university and pay tuition. How about do some basic research on the university you're trying to attend?

  14. These shitheads need to enroll at Evergreen state. No one goes to this school anymore that has high academic merit. Good luck with your alumni contributions.

  15. You meant to say affirms what God says is true in the Bible and as a faith based school they have every right.

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