Just killed Genichiro after 1 whole day of trying, as someone that finished all FromSoft games this was the hardest boss i ever fought, but at the same time it was one of the most fun bosses i ever played against, amazing game

  1. One of the all time favorite From bosses. That fight really forced me to understand how the combat in Sekiro actually works and made the game feel much more rewarding after the fact.

  2. Yes, im the same, i cant really get the parrying but i still got a lot faster and better on the sekiro mechanics after this boss

  3. Genichiro shows the beauty of deflections in full effect, one of the best designed bosses in the game. A thrilling duel of two skilled warriors, both clashing their swords at breakneck speed until one loses balance. It's a great fight, if, based on your other comments here, you fought him by dodging and creating openings, well good job, but I humbly request that you practice deflections, and face him again with deflect-heavy mindset. Because he's absolutely amazing if you fight him head on, just.. chef's kiss. He has everything that's great about this game

  4. Yep he was my favorite boss from the moment I first fought him. So damn satisfying to just pressure him the whole way thru, parrying every attack, countering and jumping on him. It's just a true sword fight without a bunch of perilous attacks or pulling out a gun (looking at you Isshin).

  5. Genichiro is what made me fall in love with the combat. Japanese Lu Bu was pretty easy to tank by just blocking, but Genichiro is when it all clicked. He is an amazing boss. Congrats!

  6. Congrats on beating him! You have some even more amazing boss fights ahead of you — hope you‘ll enjoy the rest of your journey!

  7. Congrats that’s a huge step! The game became a lot more fun for me once I beat Genichiro the first time. Hope you’ve got a month set aside for a certain Noble in the mist though.

  8. I found this boss to be the hardest of all FromSoft games as well, I quit playing sekiro when I got here even though I preordered the game.

  9. If you haven’t done it yet, I recommend doing the memory area (Hirata Estate). Genichiro was definitely more fun but I think the boss in HE is really good practice as well. I died about 40 times probably, but after all of that I could take down Genichiro after about 3 attempts.

  10. Took me 9 hours across three days and now I can play through the entire game in less than half that time

  11. Congratulations I platinumed the game 3 weeks ago one of my favorite games ever the boss that took me the most is demon of hatred don't search it up you will get spoilers he took me around nine consecutive hours of trying till I gave up for the night and beat him the next day

  12. This literally happened to me over the past two days. Grinded it out for like three hours, gave up for the night. Went back and beat him on the third try the next day. Such a tough boss.

  13. Well done beating that arrogant pheasant! congrats. Don't mind guys here lmao, they be like wait until other boss, wait until final boss, wait until no charm with demon, wait until inner bosses, wait until gauntlets, wait until Ng+10... I would say enjoy the victory and no rush to complete it

  14. So in DS3 i never had much trouble, nameless king took me 1 hour and gael took me less than that, Midir was abt 1 hour as well, this guy took me 8+ hours to beat

  15. He’s a perfect example of a boss that forces you to have the basics down. I’ve heard him referred to as a “quiz” on the Sekiro combat loop. This fight’s often the first filter for a lot of players for that reason

  16. In retrospective all bosses seem doable – once you have actually defeated them. Even when thinking back at Sword Saint Isshin I now think he was not unfair, I just did it kinda wrong for a while. But at the time fighting him he seemed like the hardest thing I ever had to master and overcome in a video game, and judging from the time it took me, it was. I felt the same after defeating Genichiro for the first time. I believe I had an ever bigger high after defeating him than I did with every other boss, because he was the first boss showing me that it will not get easier without mastering the combat truly and the option of brute forcing oneself trough encounters is not there in Sekirp. After defeating him everything else, including the Guardian and Headless Ape seemed kinda manageable for while. For me, Owl (Father) and then, of course, Isshin were the next big roadblocks and I really had to adapt to. I still feel kinda proud and you will too, OP.

  17. Congratulations jinstronda-dono. Once you beat him he might be the easiest of the final bosses. First phase of the final boss fight becomes ridicolous, I wreck him in approx. 1 minute without getting hit. There are some more hard duells to come, guardian ape is sooooo much fun. The worst bosses in my first playthrough was definitely Owl, both versions and our beloves sword-saint. Stay tough, keep on learning, you'll see, once you know how to beat them, the game becomes a lot easier. Proud of platinum, reached yesterday!!! Hesitation is defeat! OlD_HoWx

  18. Genichiro will be one of the easiest boss you fought my guy. Good luck running up on a dude with a sword, spear, and a fucking blicky.

  19. Awesome. I beat him for the first time last month, so satisfying. There will come a time when you consider him baby levels of ez.

  20. You think genichiro is the hardest boss, I don’t know what will you do against owl and can’t ishin ashina cuz haven’t fought him yet

  21. To be honest, all my platinum trophies from former FS Games helped me just a little bit, this is really another game, another way of combat. Just watch your opponents and react. And do it fast. And (OFFTOPIC), the level design puts a new cherry on the cake, they really developed in this.

  22. Congrats and enjoy the win. Know that as go forward no matter how hard it gets you have the learned the game basics of what it takes to beat them. if you can deflect & mikiri counter half your work is done.

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