Just defeated Lady Butterfly and yes, this game is hard.

  1. Depends when you fight her. If you fight her at the very beginning of the game as your first boss, she's definitely quite hard, as you likely don't have much in terms of gourds, vitality, or attack power.

  2. I fought Lady Butterfly dozens and dozens of times, I felt like I was in that basement chamber for an eternity lol. The combat just hadn't fully clicked for me yet, but once it clicked the game felt so much more manageable. I felt like after her and Genichiro the game was easier for me.

  3. Yes, it felt like an endless hall, but every time I died I could see what I did wrong and kept that on mind when going again. I’m glad that I read the message when first fought her regarding the enemy HP and their posture. They were right telling that the game should be played aggressively

  4. i was so stuck at LB that I went and did other things. then got stuck and genichiro and needed a break, went back and suddenly LB wasn't as bad...

  5. Good to hear that, I’m enjoying the game so far. It would be sad to get so stuck in a boss later and end up losing interest

  6. For a first time player LB is definitely difficult if she is ur first or 2nd boss. On my first playthrough I encountered her before Gyoubu so she was my first Sekiro boss. I was stuck on her for a week or two. I honestly felt like giving up. On the bright side once I did beat her I felt very competent at the game and then went on to beat Gyoubu in 2 tries and then Genichiro in 5 or 6 tries. She taught me to be aggressive and to deflect.

  7. Thinking of the paths available to you early in the game, you can either push towards the castle or explore hirata estate. No matter where you go, you eventually meet a boss who can't be killed until the player starts to understand posture and deflection. Lady butterfly is one of those - so yes, she's a brick wall. She's wolf's teacher after all! But she's also where the combat system 'clicks' and becomes thrilling for many people! Don't give up! I suggest this is a good time to check out a combat fundamentals guide for sekiro, as the tutorials in game are not great. I can recommend one that helped me beat her, if you like?

  8. It needs to click at some point, it’s very normal in the beginning I guess. I still need to finish the game but I’m more confident in combat now. I’m switching between Sekiro, ER and DS2 atm

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