what are your favourite cream/liquid highlighters and blushes?

  1. also the armani neo nude. not the best shade selection but those two have such cool and similar formulas that are so easy to flawlessly apply

  2. Came here to say exactly this. Why do I have to love a $42 blush??? Why couldn’t I love rare beauty???? WHY does the CT make me look like a glowing angel princess??? Idk ugh

  3. I’m super pale with dry skin so I feel like this is worth mentioning because I feel like I have a more limited shade range that looks okay and need something that won’t dry me out worse but my favs are rose inc, cover fx (don’t sell at Sephora anymore but they have their own site), I know they are either a love or hate but the ct glow wands always look so nice and last well, I don’t need a lot so they seem to last longer for me than others.

  4. liquid blush: Saie dewy blush in Rosy. Finally, a warm pink colour that looks just like a natural flush on my skin. This is my new HG.

  5. Phytosurgance hands down for cream blushes but not at Sephora. Best ones I can find at Sephora are the Armani Neo Nude (fantastic easy to use formula), Rose Inc (easy, pretty, great longevity), and liquid Nars Orgasm is beautiful.

  6. Phytosurgence cream blushes really are the GOAT. I have a couple shades and want to pick up about six more. 😂

  7. Phytosurgence and Armani are probably my top two as well. Amazing products. Beautiful tones and just the right amount of pigmentation. For highlighters. I love the Koh Gen Do liquid highlighter or the Lisa Eldridge highlighter.

  8. My favorite cream blush isn't available from Sephora, though I do a fair bit of shopping there. If you don't mind not earning the Sephora points, then I would encourage you to check out Rituelle De Fille. They do have their own points program, which might be good if you end up being a return customer!

  9. The milk makeup lip + cheek has been a go to for me for several years, I remember when they used to come in the mega size that is no longer offered. I understand why because I’ll never be able to pan the ones I have (same with the bronzer), but it was better value for your money. The smaller sizes are literally a few dollars cheaper for way less product. That aside - it’s an excellent product. I saw they’re adding a few new shades soon.

  10. Cream blushes: rose inc, armani neo nude, charlotte tilbury pinkgasm, and westman atelier super loaded tinted highlight. all of these products were revolutionary for me. the westman is expensive but i have been so blown away by it. the formula is insane, i own nothing like it. the pink that sephora carries has glitter (well i saw a youtube video where someone thinks she stopped putting glitter in this shade) but i think i’m in the minority in liking glitter. whenever i do my makeup i use it as a blush topper and it also doubles as a highlight like pinkgasm. the peche shade is a bronzer, blush, highlight in one. both make me look so healthy and it’s one of my favorite makeup products in the world.

  11. I thought I loved the rare beauty ones but I just discovered Saie beauty dewy blushes and those are my new fave!! They look much more natural and easy to blend. The “rosy” shade has been a staple for me recently. It is the perfect light flush of natural color.

  12. I adore the LYS cream blushes, beautiful colours that blend well(you can sheer them out or build up) and set down so they’re not sticky or glossy. I have 2 of them and the compacts have a crap ton of product in them so they’re great value for money!

  13. I’ve literally tried sooo many cream blushes(fenty, rare, glossier, milk, CT, rose inc, nars, etc) and a lot of them have good ones but my fave and longest lasting I would say merit and saie for sure!

  14. My absolute favorite cream blush is the Summer Fridays one it’s gorgeous and so easy to work with (don’t think it’s at Sephora) and my fav liquid highlighter is CT or the rare beauty one.

  15. I love rare beauty & saie blushes. Im also a fan of nars liquid blush. I’m curious to know if you used a matte or dewy formula. I find the matte rare beauty formula is a bit patchy.

  16. My fav liquid highlighter is from Refy! It’s amazing. And for liquid blush I love Nars. Great staying power. Also a big fan of Patrick Ta cream blushes.

  17. I like the milk make up lip and cheek sticks! I have Perk and Werk (my fav)! I also love tower 28 blushes!! I just recently bought the merit highlighter and so far I’m loving it!! I should mention I do my make up quite natural and light so these really work for that style and I’m unsure how would work in conjunction with foundation. I am interested in trying merit blush as well! Same with nudestix

  18. Saie blush is amazing, the highlighter is good too. I’m also excited to try the Kulfi blush they’re gonna launch soon

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