1. Requesting !! The employees in the sub are always so sweet and helpful, thanks for sharing the love with fellow beauty addicts 💞

  2. Hi! Would love to use a code to reup on some essentials and gifts for Christmas. Appreciate all the sales associates because I know the past year/two have been hard. Thank you for all you do!

  3. Thanks Sephora employees for being willing to share your code :) I would love a code as I am needing to stock up on my haircare and skincare - obviously inflation is very real and the discount would really help!!

  4. Requesting a code, please and thank you! This is so much harder now that I don't work at the mall and have baddie friends to exchange store discounts with 😂

  5. Hi! Would LOVE to get a code!! The extra savings would really help this Mom get some stuff that’s been in my cart for awhile! Thank you ahead of time ❤️

  6. Requesting please! Need to get something to get over this pregnancy dry skin 😭😭 Thank you all!! 🥰🥰🙏🏽

  7. Requesting 💖 I have a few birthday gifts I would like to buy for my friends and families, and would greatly appreciate the extra help! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day 😊

  8. Requesting please <3 hoping to stock up on some skincare and makeup as I have a new work position that I’m constantly on zoom for.. would also love some fall candles :)

  9. Requesting please - this pregnant lady needs to stock up on all the baby safe skin care. Pregnancy glow is apparently codeword for greasy skin….

  10. Requesting a code pretty please. Will send cute pictures of my French bulldog in exchange. 🥰 I’m a young mom and would love to spoil myself this one time!

  11. Don't know if there is a new thread. I haven't seen one. Requesting a code please. If there is a new thread will someone please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help. 💜 Thank you to all the people sharing your codes.

  12. Requesting a code please! Would love to be able to use it for my birthday that just passed to save some money towards a perfume. Really appreciate it, thank you!

  13. Requesting :) my mothers bday is coming up soon and hoping to secure a code to get her a new foundation. Thank you kindly!

  14. Requesting! Some early Christmas shopping and grabbing some of my favorites!! Our Sephora employee friends are the real MVP’s!! Thank you 😊

  15. I would love one! I have my first out of college job and I would love to buy Christmas gifts for everyone with it :)

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