DAILY F&F CODE REQUEST MEGATHREAD - Thursday, September 22nd

  1. I had a post here earlier and deleted it because it got downvoted 😬This thread is a little confusing! I think someone is upset or maybe sad, downvoting every comment takes some level of commitment. It's also odd because there are over 500 comments, but the post is only upvoted less than 25 times! Serious question: is this thread upsetting Sephora employees? >.< (Or just one employee?) If so, I feel bad about that and hope someone kindly says if this is the case. Maybe this shouldn't be a thing? (ugh I've spiraled into overthink mode!!!)

  2. Thank you Sephora employees in advance for everyone willing to share! I would love a code - I need to stock up on my haircare and skincare. My skin loves nice skincare, but my wallet does not :) The discount would really help!

  3. I feel like last year this sub was way quieter with these requests! It’s crazy how many requests are here daily!

  4. It was quieter because the direct links to the codes were posted up and people just went through each of them to see if it still worked or not

  5. Requesting a code please!! I work in public education and it’s already been a longggg year. I need a lil’ treat 🛍

  6. I'd love a code if someone is willing to share. Thank you again to all the Sephora employees who share these every year!

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