Is it creepy if an adult man finds her attractive?

  1. I agree with your assessment but she cannot be trapped without the possibility of having a relationship. She has a right to have a relationship no matter what the situation is. The aspect of a grown man being seen with her and showing intimacy is on the outside is kind of strange in view but she is of legal age and can do what she wants.. the scrutiny her partner would face would be quite intense but if a bind forms between them all the best to them…

  2. I think the only way I wouldn't find it creepy is if it was someone who she has known / been friends with for a while that has gotten used to seeing her as an adult through getting to know her personality. Then again at least in the show I found her personality to still be quite childish as well so idk.

  3. I think the amount of stress it would put on a relationship by constantly having to defend and explain to everybody that she isn’t a child with a pedophile alone would be very hard to overcome.

  4. I think that’s disingenuous. Yes she is 22 year old woman, but she looks like an 8 year old. That’s the entire premise of the show. I think it’s normal for a grown man to not feel attraction for an 8 year old looking body.

  5. Well in this type of case if looks matter to you then you are toxic. She looks like a kid ok but she's not one and anyone who knows her case and still tries to push society's morals on her is also wrong. An adult man should be of her age group would the that be any better?

  6. Its weird if look at her and think 'damn, she's hot' But she have the mental capacity of an adult. It would be hard going out in public on a date or seen kissing for obvious reasons. If this was a more common condition and I met someone with it who happened to have the same interests and mentality. I would 100% consider going on a date with her, just as I would consider going on a date with anyone with the same character as im looking for. Everyone deserves a chance no matter what you look like

  7. Yes she is a grown woman. However she doesn’t live like a 22-year-old. In my opinion. My kids are 22 were in college working on their degrees they had their own places to live they drove they worked I think her parents held her back a little. Maybe I would too in that situation I don’t know. The fact that she dates is no big deal. Love is love ❤️

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