We ain't going anywhere

  1. Any confirmation that it isn’t? I keep hearing January of 2022 but like, only speculation it seems.

  2. That was the exact same thing I thought, then I realized that January is also winter so a 10 month wait is totally fine

  3. I don't recommend it, I jumped into the Manga like 2 episodes ago and it has made the anime experience less enjoyable, since I already know what's gonna happen and so I end up not really paying attention to it

  4. Try it without color. In my opinion it is even better without it, tho it may be harder for those who didn't read a lot of graphic novels.

  5. I don't understand... Wasn't this supposed to be the final season? Is it being interrupted? Wasn't the anime supposed to be broadcast all in one go this year?

  6. No, season 4 is split in 2 parts like season 3.season 4 part 1 has finished, and season 4 part 2 will release next winter which is Jan 2022

  7. I'm going to wait until the final chapter releases, and just read through the manga from where the anime left off.

  8. I don't know if I can wait that long. Last time I was waiting for next season I cracked and read the manga.

  9. I made the choice to do so and spent about 8 hours catching up. If you can wait until January 2022 to watch the final season, I'd say wait since the anime brings a LOT more weight and emotional impact to almost all of it, but if you don't mind then I'd say go for it. I cried during almost every chapter, they cut off the anime right when everything started climaxing.

  10. Rip to all anime onlys after April 9th, that’s when the last manga chapter comes out, I don’t know how you guys will avoid spoilers

  11. We'll... Meet again... We know where... We know wheennnnnn, but I know I shall be impatient, this summer yeaarrrrrrrrr

  12. It's a pleasure to tell you that I'll see you next year at the same time to tell us that AOT will not end in the second part but will end in a third part.

  13. To those wanting to read the manga, just letting people know that it ends on April 9th. So unless you want to read up through chapter 138 and have to wait for the final chapter, it might be a better idea to wait until it's over to read the whole thing.

  14. I stopped reading the manga somewhere near the end (I think it was near anyway) cuz the animation and music are just awesome. Kept seeing posts about how Attack on Titan is ending!!! So I thought it's time to start watching the FINAL season. Nope, nowhere close to where I left off.

  15. God fuckin damnit. I saw the image before the sub name and I for a split second thought maybe a Chrono Trigger remaster had been announced.

  16. Considering the manga is on its last chapter. Guess it's nice to have 2years to forgot the shit show that is the rumbling and see it animated.

  17. People have been saying anime winter releases are January onwards. So should be January 2022.

  18. It's technically winter this year because the winter starts in 2021. I think it's really stupid to say "this year" or "this winter" in any way if you don't mean the current year you're in, but whatever.

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