[New Chapter Spoilers] Chapter 139 RELEASE Megathread! - FINAL

  1. I joked before 139 came out that Yams would keep Reiner alive as a final fuck-you, since he enjoys tormenting the poor guy. Turns out I was right...

  2. So Eren talked to everyone before the final battle but altered their memories right? Aside from Mikasa who I’m guessing he talked to during the final battle? Since he couldn’t fiddle with her memories the same way like he could the others.

  3. So Armin was talked to on the boat, right? For a quick second I thought they had talked as kids, but Armin having his matured memories/being near a damn volcano ruined that thought.

  4. At least this might explain how Falco knew of the bird titan. It isn't impossible that Eren had a talk with him as well and left him with a small bit of those memories.

  5. He could not let her know that he wanted her to kill him. If she knew this, Ymir could have viewed it as a slave obeying the final wishes of their master, which is exactly what she was doing by keeping the titans around.

  6. That was a fantastic sendoff to all those in the Scouting Regiment that didnt make it this far and a great place to end Levi's arc.

  7. He's gotta carry so much pain, his body is broken apart and yet he managed to live through it all, because of the support of his comrades, some who ended up losing their lives.

  8. I’m imagining the baby’s umbilical cord smoking and healing within a second, then the doctors check and find no titan power lol

  9. If it's inherited by an unborn baby, then if the baby was to get injured while still inside the mother... That's gonna be a gruesome scene.

  10. Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied with the ending. My only real issue is I would’ve liked to have seen the conversations Eren had with the rest of the alliance, especially with Reiner.

  11. I think many people miss one thing: there is no changing the future. Eren visions were not a prediction and there are no alternate timelines.

  12. This 100%! People don't understand why Eren didn't change anything with the power of PATHS but I don't think he can't change the future or the past as it is already written. It's the Grandfather Paradox

  13. I think it's still a bit ambiguous. I think Eren did attempt to do things differently, which resulted in PATHS showing him the results of those choices, like his "ending" with Mikasa in the hidden area. He himself mentions that time doesn't flow naturally in PATHS and he is in effect seeing all time at once so maybe he comprehends the butterfly effects of his decisions.

  14. On a 2nd reading is when it really hit me just how tragic this all is. It’s not perfect but it’s still gut wrenching

  15. Same I read it this morning and have just been mulling over it all day and the more I consider it the more tragic it seems

  16. So at the beginning of episode 1, Eren woke up after having a talk with his future self, which he immediately forgot just like everyone else here, and that's why he was crying?

  17. Yeah, either this or he was dreaming that alternate reality in which he and mikasa fled to live their remaining years in peace (the same one showed in chapter 138). It was a beautiful and sad dream that was not going to pass. They both woke up crying, for such a happy ending was not meant for Eren.

  18. Armin throwing down his gear in this chapter was very reminiscent of back when he did the same thing in the Battle of Trost district arc. Back then he was defending Eren - saying that he was human not a titan. Now he’s defending Eldians saying that they’re humans and not titans

  19. That entire sequence was a deliberate copy to that scene, right down to the unhinged soldier screaming "Are you a human? Or are you a titan?"

  20. As a reiner fan myself, it shames me to say this but firstly I couldn't recognize that he was reiner and secondly wtf man, who sniffs a letter.

  21. At first I was taken aback by Eren's switching personality. However, at second glance, this really solidifies the theme that Eren and Reiner are the same.

  22. A freaking belly to belly suplex. I also like how it was almost reflex as Falco went in for the hug lol.

  23. Ngl it made me laugh. Which is a good thing, I was crying my eyes out because of Levi’s vision and ghost Sasha...

  24. I got into this series in 2013 when I watched the first two episodes on Netflix while at a friend’s house. I grew up in the early 90s watching Pokémon, Digimon, and dragon ball Z, but I was not an anime fan in 2013. It took me a while to get past the third episode because it felt too “anime” to me, but once I got to episode 5 I was hooked.

  25. I cannot believe Reiner lived long enough to experience happiness. There's no happier ending for this madlad than sniffing Historia's handwriting. Absolutely incredible.

  26. I felt like erens choices in the end made a lot of sense. Users of the attack titan can see the future but ultimately they are slaves to the paths they choose. Since eren could see the past, present and future all at the same time he was just left a broken shell of a person. In the end, he never had any control over his fate making him the least free out of anyone, which thematically fits his character I think. Plus it works very well with his motto of "keep moving forward." After learning about his fate all he could do was keep moving forward and that ended up making him responsible for losing everything he held dear to begin with. Plus it fits with his orginal motivations. Eren ended up becoming the very thing he swore to destroy. I think in that way his character concluded beautifully.

  27. Agreed and ultimately by being enslaved to destiny himself he was able to free all his friends. The rumbling was necessary to stop another attack on Eldians because as soon as it was over we saw the "rest of the world" immediately suspected Eldians again. He truly set the Eldians free, they were no longer titans, no longer slaves to their past and no longer had an opposition.

  28. I'm just happy Falco made it. Dude doesn't have to deal with the titan curse anymore and might actually get to live out his dream with Gabi.

  29. This reads so much better and really cleared some conflicting feelings I held for the chapter. Hopefully, other translations reflect these meanings.

  30. In my language what initially seemed to be "mass murderer" has been translated as "devil", while Reiner instead said "what a bastard". To me they both seem way better than other translations

  31. I mean, this sort of cleans it up a bit, but I truly don't get where people are coming from saying that the fucking suicide squad was utimately grateful to Eren for the rumbling, where would that even come from?! they allied to stop him! To me, it was super clear that both Armin and Historia were not Eren apologists at all but needed to capitalize on the opportunity he left them by enacting real change. Historia is keeping Paradis at bay while Armin is advocating for the rest of the world, so that the children of the futre have a world to live in.

  32. I want to talk about Eren losing his “chadness” real quick. It caught a lot of people off guard, including myself, to see him that vulnerable and open, especially when we hadn’t seen him act like that since pre time-skip. But I think that’s the tragedy of Eren Yeager. Because he was so dedicated and committed to following this destiny he saw four years ago, he shed his humanity, bottled up his emotions, and became the monster he thought he had to become in order to protect the people he loved.

  33. Yeah was wondering why that panel wasn't then last one, almost like Isayama spoiled everyone to that picture to throw everyone off. I really hope that he didn't have to scrap the three ending, and if he did, I hope he at least says what was originally going to happen.

  34. I do wish Mikasa’s impact on Ymir was explored more. Was it the fact she had undying love for Eren and still was able to kill him? So Ymir realized she should do the same as far as Titan powers go?

  35. Yeah maybe, i also wish that they would've explain a little more about Ymir intentions at the end. Why was she helping Eren? Did she had something to do about Eren's decision about the rumbling?

  36. I think this is the idea as well, but the weird thing is then it's fucked up because Mikasa didn't gave up on Eren after dying, just like Ymir... so what did Ymir really learn from mikasa?

  37. I see the complaints and am glad I don't feel the same about this ending. It's not even close to Lelouch imo. Seeing Eren crying to Armin, saying he doesn't want to die and wants to stay with Mikasa and everyone else was heart breaking. In the end he was still just as emotional as he was before the time skip, he had just grown numb to going down this path and knowing he couldn't prevent it. We all thought he had just matured and became very cold but he was just over the grief and torment (like an even more extreme version of Levi). The first panel also made me think back to how furious Eren got when Armin asked "who's the slave?" He meant it towards Zeke/Yelena, but the guy that wanted freedom more than anyone *was* enslaved to this ending. Eren's tragedy really hurts.

  38. THANK YOU! your post is exactly my thoughts. Eren was never a god, he was a human, a literal child when he was pushed into all of this. I think the theme of "we were just kids" is pretty strong and I finally got to see Eren actually be a human. It's not like he's some being void of emotion, he literally fueled himself on hate. I used to hate him, but I think this chapter really brought about the tragedy of his character. He wanted moral things, just like we all do, but was enslaved to a path he was shown. it was such a tragic ending honestly, but I feel a great one. some exposition would have been great re: the diplomatic pieces, but other than that, very realistic.

  39. one thing yams is definitely good at is adding such gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching subtle details throughout the series. I have a feeling if everyone takes the time to thoroughly read the manga, we'll be able to understand the plot holes better.

  40. And to think Isyama had Eren's death planned wayyy back in Chapter 89 when Kruger tells Grisha to save Mikasa and Armin. The memories he saw were Eren's memories of the end.

  41. Reiner Braun, the absolute GOAT of moral greyness in this world, the Armored Titan, a man with one of the most complex and fascinating character arcs I've seen in any anime or manga and the last we see of him is him sniffing ink.

  42. I'm so grateful for Isayama. This series has been on my head for 10 years and i'm so glad i got to see the end. Personally, i liked the ending and it broke my heart aswell.

  43. God I hope when the anime comes out someone does a mash up of Mikasa sitting under the tree, and the seagulls from Finding Nemo perking up at the idea of theft.

  44. I wish it did, maybe it would've meant that finally Eren accepted that Mikasa could start living her own life free from him

  45. I'm not mad at this. Way more realistic than peace out of nowhere. But since there's no supernatural power Paradis actually has a chance.

  46. Cried when Sasha saluted Jean and Connie. Never thought I'd say this but I'm glad Hanji is dead--she loved titans so much it would be a crushing blow to be in a world that was only politics no titans.

  47. The ending is nowhere near perfection but overall I'm satisfied. I can't believe the story is finished. I started this when I was 14 and now I'm turning 20 this year man what a journey it's been.

  48. The only sad thing about him surviving is he's going to be constantly thinking about Erwin (and Hanji) for the rest of his life. I feel like he might become closer to Armin because he started to see him as an extension of Erwin's determination during the War for Paradis arc.

  49. So I think the idea behind Ymir "choosing" Mikasa was the Ymir wanted to be shown true freedom. Like Kenny said, everyone's a slave to something, and Ymir was a slave to her "love" for Fritz, after gaining the power of the titans. Eren himself was a slave to his fate, and thus couldn't show Ymir true freedom. But if you look at Mikasa, what Mikasa would be a "slave" to, more than anything, is her feelings towards Eren. In the end, Mikasa was able to move past them and kill Eren, severing herself from her attachment to him and proving that she was free.

  50. Personally, I'm going to be starting One Piece now that AoT is over. Seems like a good replacement that will last for a while.

  51. Realistically, 80% of humanity being dead is something no human can really comprehend. 1 dead is a lost a million is an statistic type beat

  52. I love how you can see Sasha's family and Niccolo's facial expressions when the new Eldian army and the Eldians are chanting "Fight, Fight". Even after all of that, the Eldians are still obsessed with fighting and I can only hope that Armin is able to make diplomacy happen.

  53. yep saw that! And was Rico basically yawning going along with it? Also, the mayor? Reeves guy was also not shouting. Implies not everyone wants war.

  54. This is more-or-less a repost from titanfolk, but being respectful to some of the more hardcore members here that hated the ending, I have to say one of the reasons why I was ever captivated by AoT/Snk in the first place was for its deeper, gray, and complex themes, especially involving Eren (and other characters).

  55. For those still asking for the Ackerman headaches thing - There never were any Ackerman headaches, only Mikasa had them. Presumably because despite her being an Ackerman Eren kept messing with her memories through P A T H S and Founding Titan powers, and her Ackerman genes resisted to it.

  56. Could it be the headaches kicked in whenever Eren was trying to tamper with memories in the background of the main story line?

  57. so if i'm understanding this right... eren inadvertently killed his mom because he wanted to protect armin.....which meant that armin in the FUTURE would have to eat bertholt to survive. which REALLY REALLY meant he had to divert dina's attention from bertholt which lead to his mom getting killed?

  58. I'm having trouble understanding the Ymir and Mikasa stuff? At what point did ymir 'choose' mikasa, what was mikasa's choice that eliminated the power of the titans?

  59. Ymir needed someone to show how to break free from her devotion to the king. Eren saw in paths that Mikasa killing him (letting go) was the only way for Ymir to get rid of the titans. It was never up to Eren to just tell her to stop spawning titans.

  60. "Its just fate, Eren. If we haven't chose to break the walls, you wouldn't command Dina to eat your mom. lmao"

  61. So does that mean everyone who has the founder has this issue? Or was it specific to Eren because he had the attack and founder?

  62. So, where do I start. I don't normally post on reddit a lot, and mostly lurk to see the discussions going on. I must say, it was really fun. Before we get down to it, just gonna warn I'm on the minority that really liked the ending. Yes, it has some flaws, which I'll be addressing, along with why I believe the ending is quite suiting for the series and the themes it represents.

  63. I appreciate people like you who are taking the time to find and point out the beauty and hope in 139. Good post. Have an upvote.

  64. It's not perfect, I think it needed another chapter or 2, the final arc's pacing was off and Eren needed a few more POV chapters. But strangely I'm still satisfied, not feeling betrayed.

  65. Ahhhh okay. For some reason when I read the panels about him influencing Dina, I read it as he was intentionally sending her to eat his mom, which was confusing. I like much better that it was an unintentional consequence. I also am not sure how much control he actually had over that, or if that was some Ymir shenanigans. Wish it had been fleshed out more as others do, but oh well. I still enjoyed the chapter, flaws and all.

  66. It kinda sucks to see everyone like this at the very end. I didn’t love the ending, but it was very far from bad. The fact that in the end, Eren still acts like this childish little runt when thinking about mikasa forgetting about him is a type of irony that I see fitting for his character. I truly do dislike the whole thing with ymir and king fritz. I feel like so far that’s the weakest part of the ending. I do think most of the hate comes from all of us being wrong about a time loop related ending. Mikasa’s vision last chapter was what Armin and the rest of the scouts experienced this chapter. There was never truly another timeline, but it was Eren’s final goodbye to them all. I do think it could have ended differently if there was something more time oriented. However the realism of the world always being at war, and the happy ending our characters have fought for this entire time is enough to make me happy.

  67. I've been quite neutral towards Mikasa for the big majority of the series but seeing her that broken/sad/melancholic at the end was suuuuuper painful : the fact that she instantly began to cry after talking a bit to Eren's grave is enough to show just how much she misses him deep down, despite the story ending on a happier panel from her ; she could really use a big hug with someone she likes/cares about to let it all go.

  68. So throughout the years, Eren has been inviting his friends into the path to vent his feelings every few years and erasing their memory? Am I interpreting that right? Because that's really fucking cool if that's the case.

  69. I liked the ending and I don’t think any ending would live up to the hype that AoT had. I thought it was by far the most realistic. The fact that Paradis now resembles Marley as they see the rest of the world as a threat that can only be dealt with by destroying them I thought was a nice touch.

  70. I see that many people are misunderstanding a few things about Eren after the last chapter, and are now hating his guts. Thus, I shall state, and explain / justify the controversial things regarding Eren in this chapter. After this, you might want to think twice about the whole "character assassination" thing.

  71. I almost never comment, but I just had to share. I read the ending and was unsure and kinda unhappy about it, but after I thought on it much more it all clicked. I know at face value it can all seem a bit wonky, but I now think this ending is AMAZING. Please give my thoughts a read. Everything Eren did—the genocide, being a jerk to everyone, was to get Mikasa to kill him. THAT is what saved the world.

  72. The more I read this comment the more it makes sense. I really wish Isayama added a few panels to explicitly confirm the points raised by this comment.

  73. Honestly, was pretty let down by the ending...but this comment singularly made me reevaluate my thinking on the chapter and the ending. Really well thought out analysis of what Yams was going for. Thank you!

  74. I don’t think this is the best ending ever, or that it lives up to the quality of the series through the end of the Marley arc, but I’m also not disappointed either. I prefer an open ended ending like this over a grimdark ending where Eren destroys the world, or a happy ending where everyone gets along in the end.

  75. Long long long time lurker, may have written a stupid comment I didn’t agree with in the past, about things not turning around and what not. Anyways, I loved this ending. I loved it especially because Isayama ended it on his terms and for that I have to give respect.

  76. Honestly I like the ending and when you put some thought into it it makes sense both thematically and character wise even though it could have been executed and worded better and some things could have been either explained or left out.

  77. Thanks for helping me to understand the whole Mikasa/Ymir aspect a bit better, I appreciate it. I think it's implied during his conversation with Armin that Eren's actions are generally his own, but apparently, Mikasa's choice in regards to Ymir was not clear to him. Also agree some more clarity about Historia would've been nice.

  78. This story has always been about freedom. From a storytelling perspective, love ends up being the strongest representation of what enslaves us. In the end, Mikasa had the strength to choose salvation above love, both sacrificing her loved one and saving the world. It’s a beautiful, poetic ending.

  79. Tbh i'm not a huge fan of the ending, all of Eren's friends praising him while 80% of the world is killed seems pretty weird tonally. I liked how we saw Eren and how much of a broken mess he really was, I have a feeling that after he saw his "destiny" when he touched historian's hand, he really wasn't all there anymore as time was no longer a linear experience to him. My guess for Ymir's motivation is that she saw Mikasa's love for Eren as "true love" which allowed her to essentially escape her "Love" for Karl Fritz and end the Titan curse. I think it's going to be a case of re-reading this arc and chapter a few times before I understand how this ending sits with me

  80. I never understood why Levi had no resentment against Annie. She killed all of Levi squad in such a brutal fashion. I would’ve thought he would have the same drive to kill Annie like he had with Zeke

  81. Overall it was a fine ending, but it had some issues. First, two points of criticism I’ve seen that I disagree with very strongly:


  83. I think a lot of people are overlooking that Ymir was using Eren for the Rumbling, she wanted to see if Mikasa would be able to overcome her love of Eren and kill him to save humanity.

  84. Not nearly as bad as the people on the pre-release thread were making it out to be. It's a solid ending, although things didn't quite go how I would have liked. There are still problems with it and think Isayama could have done a better job tying up all the loose ends, but it's not bad.

  85. I know there's a lot of disappointed people, but holy shit can I say how ballsy this ending is.

  86. I just read the chapter. Big feels, big confusion. Here's a bit of a summary of the important elements that I got out of this last one :

  87. The most emotional part for me was when Levi saw the fallen Survey Corps members and gave his final salute. Seems no one has talked about it.

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