"the contemporary United States of America is one of the best places to live in all of human history."

  1. Thoughts and prayers should be banned. Instead, DO something about the gun violence! And I don't mean place more armed people in schools. It's amazing that a self-proclaimed 'god's own country' has absolutely no concept of common sense and logic.

  2. No, I mean, it's technically true. It's a decently modern country that isn't suffering from a direct war. That makes it one of the best places to live, if we compare it with all countries throughout the entirety of human history.

  3. One of my friends (we're finns) says the US would be a better place to live. He's the only person I know that thinks that way.

  4. I know a few Aussies who moved over, mostly to work in tech, and it's like... yeah the money and status is nice but there's more to life than that.

  5. Well. He's not wrong. One could live in a worse country. There are tons of them actually. One could live in a better country too. There are number of those too.

  6. And nobody seems to realize how incredibly low of a bar "one of the best places to live in all of human history" is. "Human history" spans thousands of years where obesity usually was the opposite of a problem, where people just shrugged and died of causes we laugh about today (or have grown so accustomed to being eridicated that we couldn't be bothered to treat a pandemic as a serious threat). There were times were people just didn't bother to name their children until a certain age because many of them would die early on anyways. Up until 100 years ago most democracies (if they even existed) relied solely on male votes and the concepts of social security and health insurance were still a quite new idea

  7. And it's not hard considering he says "in all of human history". Like, yeah, sure, in that context I guess it is because most of current-day Earth is a better place to live than most of Earth in other eras of human civilisation. That's a long list, and I sure as fuck don't wanna live in 10th century Sweden or in Peru in 900BC or something. Kind of a low bar he has there.

  8. Also the author mentions “in human history.” So they are 100% correct. If you currently live in the United States you are very lucky/safe/privileged compared to the majority of human history. Not saying it is perfect or without need for improvement.

  9. I’ve been to the contemporary United States, it was shit. Infrastructure was appalling, lack of support for the unfortunate and mentally Ill is none existent and the wealth gap is grotesque, now let’s talk about health care and gun worship….

  10. Yeah but where else can you get a 1.000.000 sq ft cardboard house in an anonymous copy pasted suburb with no shops and services and drive your senselessly huge car everywhere? Gotcha

  11. I'm baffled. I read all these posts about how much of a dystopia America is but I just can't wrap my head around any non-war torn country being that horrifying.

  12. I've visited the US a number of times, its really not a good place to live. The only ones trying to get to the US are from South American dictatorships or narco States, no one from Canada or Europe is trying to get there

  13. Anecdotal I know, but our company has recently relocated 12 US citizens to the UK as they wanted to leave the US. All of them said it was because it was just a crappy place to be and the chance to get ahead seemed to be slipping further and further away.

  14. No one direly desires to immigrate to the United States other than uprooted and most desperate peoples hailing from nation states that the United States itself had a hand in destabilising, truly perplexing.

  15. I lived in the US temporarily (for a year) after my A levels. In conversation I was often asked what my plans were for getting a permanent visa so I could move there properly. It was basically universally assumed that I wanted to live in the US permanently. When I said that it was just a year long experience for me, that I was enjoying my time there but didn't want to stay forever, it blew their minds in every single case. Like they literally hadn't considered the possibility that I or any other European might not have moving to the US as an ambition.

  16. I get your point but it's not quite "no one" - in fairness there's plenty of European tech workers who want to (or do) move to the west coast for the vastly higher salaries.

  17. And half the time people from Central and South America are doing so because the US directly interfered with their country's government for it's own aims and made the place dangerous

  18. I've heard of some Canadians, and Europeans unironically wanting to move here. I find myself screaming at them to turn back before making the worst error of their lives.

  19. Ya no dude not any more. I remember being a teenager and thinking living in the US would be cool cause you know TV but then I grow up and learnt what a fucking shit show it is. Had the opportunity about 2 years ago to possibly move there and was like nope couldn't be dealing with the guns, racism, health insurance industry and now being a woman there would be terrible.

  20. The US does a fantastic job presenting itself as super cool in popular media. Every European I've talked to has said something like what you've said

  21. Except when you are female and fertile. Or just female. Or black. Or poor. Or middle class. Or from the wrong family. Or unemployed. Or on low wages. Or without a house. Or going to school. Or too sick to work. Or some or most of the above.

  22. When you have like more than 25 mass shootings in a year and it’s not even June yet something is very wrong with your country. I can’t understand how people just accept this as a thing they cannot change?

  23. I saw on the true crime sub that there’s been more that 200 in the first 145 days of this year, not sure how reliable that is though

  24. It's so great, I packed up my belongings and moved to a "lesser" country that ironically has a far better quality of life? How ironic?

  25. Real talk i've been considering for many years to renounce my American citizenship (am binational) cuz i don't see the perks but can définitely see the disadvantages.

  26. I have loads of reasons for you! If you're a millionaire, you have to pay less tax, er... I can't think of the rest. I'll get back to you /s

  27. Statement probably came from someone who never visited anything outside of the US. Ask the folks living in the Mississippi Delta or in the eroding ghettos of large urban centers how wonderful they’ve got it. Source: American

  28. Bad food, horrible healthcare, houses are made of paper, education system is abysmal aside from maybe 3 universitiesl, minorities and children are actively being shot en mass because 18 year olds have access to *assault rifles*, the senate is completely corrupt, the president is ill and old, the workplace culture is absolutely horrifying and would make their employees pure slaves if they could. Oh and pledging allegiance to the flag? That is not patriotism, that is indoctrination.

  29. Calling it 3rd world doesn't even hold any weight anymore. Expats are funneling into developing nations in droves to escape the US. It's truly a category of it's own post-apocalyptic/late stage capitalism bullshit.

  30. I think people on our continent just clamor to come here to get away from countries where there isn't food in stores, and where things are ran by gangs instead of police or politicians..

  31. I live in a "third world country" but I've never feared getting shot in my five years in university. Or going bankrupt for pursuing a higher education.

  32. I wouldn't ever consider leaving my comfy european country with free health care for the US. If you think paying $2500 for a broken arm and $30k for just delivering a baby and that having a 50/50 chance of picking up your kid at the morgue after school is the epitome of comfortable contemporary living, dude, i feel bad for you.

  33. I mean the part where it says it's one of the best places to live in all of human history is kinda true. Like I'd never want to live in the US rn compared to where I am but yeah, give me the US or my country (France) during the middle ages and I'm not even hesitating. And yes, it's still better to live in the US than in a LOT of countries rn.

  34. I have a book at home which is on misconceptions about the Medieval Ages. It was written in the early 2000s, but it provides evidence that 12-13th century Paris had about a third of the crime rate New York has. Fun fact.

  35. Honestly, seeing all the shit that's coming out lately (i.e. the new abortion laws and shit) i've never been less compelled to move any closer to us

  36. I mean, considering human history goes back a couple thousand years (depending on definition even a couple hundred thousand) the current US are one of the best places to live compared to cave dwellings from 10.000 bc, the millions of active war zones throughout history, life in slavery or the good ol‘ every-other-woman-died-in-childbirth-times. By a bit.

  37. Maybe it's because the only place I've seen in the US is Lincoln, Nebraska, but man is it boring there. All political reasons aside, I wouldn't want to move there simply because there's nothing to do besides going out to eat.

  38. He isn’t wrong, it’s just that the bar is so incredibly low even today. There are definitely worse places to live today, and I’d argue you wouldn’t want to be an average person in medieval London.

  39. Well, this one is correct, just like west/northwest europe and Canada, Australia and some other countries, the US is also fairly high on the list of the best countries to live in.

  40. Oddly enough, the poster here is not actually that wrong. Like, I'd rather stay in the Netherlands than move to the USA, but if I had to choose between 50's Netherlands and modern USA, I would probably choose the USA.

  41. of course people move there, you lot pump out movies and propoganda constantly, lyin to people about how awesome it is, then get annoyed when they come to you

  42. I mean, if you told me I could live anywhere on the planet and anywhen in human history, I probably would pick "in a developed nation and anywhere between about 1970 and about 2050 or whenever the climate apocalypse happens." The United States of 2022 wouldn't be my first or second or tenth choice, but it's probably still in the top quartile.

  43. Do people still crave to emigrate to the USA? At least here in Brazil, we used to want this but nowadays everyone prefers going to Portugal or Italy or Canada instead.

  44. The U.S. still has a stranglehold on the old entertainment industry, so a lot of people move on the dream of being an actor or a singer or something.

  45. Maybe in a small village in Alaska ? I don't know how it is there, but the landscapes are gorgeous

  46. Yeah, because they too can pretend they are better than they really are, and fit in doing so. It's appealing to become a narcissist when you feel unnoticed and/or less-than.

  47. Count how many people respond with "he's not wrong though" and I'll tell you how many conservative white people are in this thread.

  48. Yeah - where your freedoms include having access to the weapons which will help you to unleash your cowardly anger, with a mass shooting spree to cut short the lives of innocents, traumatise families & communities.

  49. It's a good place to live if you are rich,white,and live far enough the fuck away from anywhere. Recent events in mind would also recommend being able to afford to home school.

  50. Technically speaking anywhere on the Earth in the year 2022 is one of the best places to live in all of human history. Not a high bar there lol.

  51. As someone who’s never been to America. Seeing the shit they have, I can confirm it’s not one of the safest places lol

  52. I mean... compared to all of human history he's right. Compared to the rest of the current world not so much.

  53. You're saying that other countries are unsafe with their crime and all. And what about the US? The country where children who go to school for studying are killed, and the government is unapologetic about it. They're not doing anything. What the fuck is Biden doing?

  54. I suspect pretty much anywhere vaguely developed could be described as one of the best places to live in history simply due to the fact that history includes a lot of really crappy standards of living. It’s just not a very useful metric because we aren’t in medieval times or whenever, so including them in the comparison is kinda meaningless!

  55. Ah yes, I love getting shot in the street by a random armed to the teeth lunatic or a cop, and if I survive it I get bankrupt by medical expenses. It's the American dream.

  56. Do they not realize other countries have immigration? I don’t get why they seem to think so much of the world is fighting to get in. Of course some people want to move there for different reasons, but the ignorance is astounding

  57. I live in America- it depends on the place you live. 90% of America is a shithole with no infrastructure, hardly an local businesses, gun crazed fuckwits, and money empires that exist literally everywhere. (E. g. Walmart, McDonald’s, etc.). These are just the main problems I notice with most of America. I’m sure there’s more. And 90% is probably and exaggeration but my point still stands. If I ever get the chance to move to Germany I’m taking it.

  58. I mean he's not wrong. Compared to other first countries it's severally lacking, but in the grand scheme of things, America is a decent place to live.

  59. I love how he thinks people escaping literal cartels and corruption coming to the US mean we're heaven on earth. If I was in hell I would try to get to purgatory too.

  60. I'm a European living in the US and I'm clamoring to get out of here. At this point I feel like it's just a matter of time before there will be a shooting where I live, or a major catastrophe that was preventable, but the inactive US government only acts after catastrophies happen. And then let's talk about how shit looking American cities are. They are ugly af. Nature is beautiful. I want to go home.

  61. I hate it when Americans say this shit. We can’t address ANY of the REAL problems of America because “iTs ThE bEsT cOuNtRY oN eArTh”.

  62. This. And I'm pretty sure that more or less the whole world is among the best places in history. Alone todays medicine compared to medicine back then is enough for me.

  63. I agree. As much as I loathe Americans for their ignorance, arrogance and general stupidity, the country itself can be great. In some states, with the proper family backround

  64. Why are people leaving in record numbers then? Everyone in my generation has entertained the idea or seriously planned to leave. I permanently moved away last year and there's no going back

  65. Okay I get is usa bad but this is just correct lol. Even a poor person in the USA is having a better day than a french farmer in 1224 or an indonesian fisherman in 1560...

  66. No... but you guys are fucking great at marketing the "American Dream" to unsuspecting people including your own.

  67. He is right in the way that you could definitely do much worse (unless you are black, disabled, need an abortion, or have any chronic medical conditions)

  68. Still true though. It, together with Europe is one of the best places to live. Look just 80 years back and see how much worse it was for the majority of people. Or even stay in the here and now, Billions of people living in absolute poverty, no access to education and constant war.

  69. I don't think this is an unreasonable assessment to make. By the same token, much of the Western world could be considered 'the best place to live in all of human history'. Much of the world is actually pretty dreadful to live in even today - undemocratic, insecure access to the basic resources needed to survive, poor access to opportunities or education for most people etc - and for the majority of history most of the world was like those places.

  70. He is not too wrong, though. If you are not filthy rich (and/or nobility), most "countries" throughout most of history were less desirable to live in than the contemporary US.

  71. this is some proper technicallythetruth shit. yeah sure, most of history people lived under indentured servitude to their lords and died at 35 of cholera, at least it isn't that bad! fucking morons pretending that's actually something to aim for

  72. Mainly because most modern nations are among the best places to live in human history. A lot of that has to do with technological progress.

  73. This is 100% true not sure what the "shit" part of this post. It may not be the absolute best but we are certainly in the top 10.

  74. I have to disagree with this mindset. The US today isn’t even peak materialism nor standard of living. Consolidation of markets has led to unhealthy situation with many supply chain vulnerabilities and business leaders exercising an unhealthy amount of control on legislation. Depletion of ground water, deteriorating soil, and increasing drought has led to a dire outlook on agriculture with famine on the horizon. Overfishing, water pollution, and rising temperatures spell global extinction events for many species. Mental health is declining. Overall health is declining. Prison population is up. I dunno, I think it takes a special kind of stupid to think this is the best time to be alive. Honestly, I’d rather be alive before the industrial revolution. I mean the Amish and Mennonites have some of the happiest communities - demonstrating that we don’t need to risk the extinction of humanity in pursuit of materialism.

  75. People clamor to enter the US because the US is bombing their country, sanctioning their country, and/or is funding fascistic proxy armies in their country 😔

  76. Between Ancient Rome and the United State I would chose the United States but between modern Rome and the United States I'm chosing Rome and Rome sucks.

  77. I mean, for most of human history, nó indoor plumbing, no electricity, no modern medicine. In large parts of the world they still don't have all of those, and not to the extent that USA does. America has its bad, but overall, it is better to live there than most of the world.

  78. Yeah, sure, he is right. If you compare the current usa with cities even a 100 years ago, you are going to win. And yes, there are places currently on earth that are worse.

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