I...don't think the oncologist said that

  1. And these people are the same ones that will tell you that people with underlying conditions that died from Covid, actually died from their underlying condition.

  2. It’s hard to find credible studies when there aren’t any that support her point of view. Besides, first three are vaxxed and fine… At least her father lived long enough to die of kidney cancer instead of passing away at 16 from polio like my Uncle did.

  3. So if they can't find reports to support what they want to hear it's because of censorship right? Not any possibility that they're wrong

  4. My grandma was born in 1922, in a world without vaccines nor antibiotics, and was a nurse until she married my grandpa, so she saw too many people die of now almost extinct diseases. She died last year and her last words were to ask if we were vaccinated and when we assured her we were she said "Good".

  5. These people have no idea how to asess the credibility of studies, so they are actually asking for studies that are affirming their bias despite how credible they are. I've seen it a hundred times.

  6. I really love the call for “somewhat credible” sources. Nothing says I’m confident enough in my views to risk my kids life than “somewhat credible.”

  7. And "all the censorship". I fight censorship for a living (librarian) but I'm fighting for accurate, credible information. Not your BS political agenda quackery.

  8. Nothing says, "I did my own research" better than asking facebook friends to send every single somewhat credible study they "have".

  9. I like how she both has PTSD from doctors and needs “ammunition” but also feels the doctor who told her dad he has cancer because of a vaccine was knowledgeable and truthful.

  10. Imaginary doctors that say just what you would have liked them to say to back up your statement exactly the way you wanted, are the most trustworthy doctors out there, obviously.

  11. They can't call CPS because she's refusing vaccinations. Probably something else she's not admitting. Or she's acting mentally unstable.

  12. Yeah defini6sometjinh triggered that. However after they are involved, not vaccinating is considered medical neglect. Even just skipping the well child appts will get her thrown under a bus.

  13. I’m an oncology nurse. I can 110% guarantee you no credible oncologist told them that. And if a quack actually did, they were spouting nonsense that is not backed by evidence.

  14. My sister and I have autoimmune disorders and for awhile my mom was convinced that we got it from our MMR shots and she was so upset, blaming herself for it. We had to explain to her how Wakefield was a lying bastard with a hidden agenda and now, a revoked medical license.

  15. Oh that’s not the censorship she’s referring to. It’s “the Google and Bill Gates hiding all the studies from the internet” type of censorship.

  16. you think this broad would be able to read and comprehend scientific literature? the abstract alone would give her an aneurysm, and it would be allllll because she got vaccinated against polio as a kid

  17. Don't know about other countries, but in my country someone old enough to be a grandparent like this man is very unlikely to have received the polio vaccine as an injection, I was one of the last to get it as a sugar cube as opposed to the newer injection; this was the early 1990s.

  18. Ya I was trying to think of a joke to make about my great grandma getting a vaccine as a child and then dying at 103 but then I was like … I actually do not know if she got vaccines as a child , she was born in 1914 lol

  19. These types of people are exhausting. So, your dad got a polio vaccine as a child, I am assuming, and now, as an older human probably in their 60s, maybe older, they ended up with kidney cancer which is the fault of the vaccine they got as a child? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

  20. One of my uncles was wheelchair bound from his teen years until he died because of polio. But hey, at least he didn’t get kidney cancer!

  21. It’s not whether he said it, or didn’t say it. The doctor said something, which they decided to twist into “it’s because of the polio vaccine.”

  22. These people anger me so much!! My grandfather was born in 1939 and contracted polio before there even was a vaccine. He survived, but has spent his entire life living with the long term effects (one leg did not grow/develop correctly and is shorter than the other, muscle atrophy in both legs, constant joint pain that’s gotten worse as he ages, etc). I grew up with a living example as to why we have these vaccines, and I will never question the doctor’s recommendations for giving my two babies vaccines. I don’t want them to suffer the way my grandfather has in his life.

  23. I’m so glad someone else caught this because I was sitting here like??? The doctor told your father that he died of a polio shot?? Was he doing a seance or something?? Ouija board diagnosis??

  24. I can guarantee her dad did not die of polio though. That’s very sad that her father passed, but let’s not blame something that has saved hundreds of millions from death and paralysis

  25. This myth has its roots in a bit of truth (like so many of the persistent ones do). In the mid fifties to early sixties polio vaccines were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40. This virus can induce cancer in mice. However, to date there isn’t really any good evidence that the vaccine contaminant actually caused an increase in cancer incidence in patients. The SV40 virus is not present in other vaccines and is also no longer in any polio viruses.

  26. I don't think a doctor would say that but it's definitely possible that someone on his care team did - when my MIL was dying of cancer, one of the nurses told her it was because she had gotten the COVID vaccine. And this was in a reputable NYC hospital

  27. This gives a good window into how they think. They really believe all those studies are out there and they just need to do more research to find them. I know because this is how I grew up.

  28. Disgusting that this POS is trying to claim she has PTSD from this. What a gross defilement of people who actually suffer from it.

  29. What does this have to do with refusing vaccinations because your oncologist supposedly said that the polio vaccine caused cancer (I really doubt this). Or believing that studies against vaccines are suppressed by censorship.

  30. Apparently there was a contamination of a batch of polio vaccines with a simian virus that can cause cancer in rodents but I don’t think there was any conclusive results in humans. She must’ve assumed it was from that

  31. Normally I'd say she's mistaking her trauma for a valid basis by which to make medical decisions, but since she had been fighting vaccines for her previous kids, she might've always been off-base and her labor just accelerated the radicalization.

  32. When my mom was a kid, parents would have killed for a polio shot. It chills my blood to think parents are refusing them now. You want kids in a fucking iron lung again?

  33. If you have no faith in doctors, wouldn't you want to make sure your child stands a greater chance of not needing them by giving them vaccines?

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