And for his first trick, breastmilk into wine!

  1. OK, but, do you know that Mary was unassisted? Bethlehem wasn't tiny. I assume some woman or midwife heard this poor woman and helped. It'd be weird for the whole town to ignore it... Bad enough there wasn't a proper room for them.

  2. Yep. She may actually be mentioned…an elderly man named Simon saw what was happening and went to get his sister named Anna…who was likely a midwife.

  3. I understand one of the many books they decided to leave out of the bible mentioned a midwife at the birth. All the books were written over hundred years after all the stuff was meant to have gone down so who knows

  4. I had a similar conversation with my philology professor in university (started about why the fuck there's so many knight fighting snails in mediaeval manuscripts), and we ended with musing over how much day to day things got lost because nobody wrote it down because they were so mundane it didn't seem important to record it.

  5. Sigh….the pastor of my last church was really into historical perspective on the Bible and he pointed out that Mary giving birth alone in a stable would have been inconceivable for the day. She and Joseph were in the city where Joseph was originally from and so he would have at least had distant relatives there. The culture of the time was VERY into family lineage, so it was far more likely that Joseph and Mary would have been staying in a home with relatives rather than being shoved in an empty hotel stable. Moreover, most homes had a back area where the animals were brought in at night, rather than a separate stable. So in a home crowded with lots of family members in town for the census, it’s likely this area of the family home was where there was space for the new family. Jesus was most likely actually born in a warm house surrounded by lots of grandmas and aunts who knew how to assist this young girl in giving birth. Sorry I just think historical perspectives are really interesting and whether or not you believe Jesus existed, I think the idea of god incarnate being born into a house full of human noise and loving familial chaos is a pretty cool one.

  6. Exactly. I also read (or perhaps I heard it in a sermon) that it's likely that they were in a stable because it was private for her to labor in, showing that the innkeeper was taking care of this young woman in labor and probably would have also sent a midwife to assist her.

  7. I just got back from a tour of Israel and the guide pointed out that wood is extremely scarce for building but stone and caves are plentiful, so it’s far more likely that that is where they would’ve been. I agree that in a town like that there would’ve been some women who heard and came to be with her, even if all they did was keep her company.

  8. I'm with you. Looks like all those scenes on tv where a woman gives birth to a 6-month old baby with jam smeared on his face.

  9. Probably just big. My step daughter was born 11lbs. She needed size 1 diapers already. Despite being 2 weeks early! She was massive. They couldnt put her on the little newborn table for cleaning her, they had to do it on the counter next to it.

  10. I had a decently big baby, and he looks small in all the birth pictures. My SIL had her much smaller baby 5 weeks later, and she looks much bigger in the photos. It's like an optical illusion. I was wondering if it has something to do with height vs weight. My son was 22 inches at birth and her daughter was 19 inches. Maybe the baby chub beinf more concentrated on a smaller frame makes them appear bigger.

  11. Also: Jesus was not. Likely Mary was staying in the barn of a family member (a common practice at the time) and someone in the family would have gotten someone of experience to help out with labor/delivery. Because Mary didn’t have a death wish for her and her child.

  12. That actually may no be tire. There is a mention of a man named Simon who sees what is happening and goes to get his his elderly sister Anna- who visit Jesus right around and after his birth. Many scholars believe that she was likely a midwife who helped. Try again lady!

  13. Yeah but I bet there was at least one local woman performing the duty of a midwife to help her birth him, not just her alone on some hay

  14. I would like to point out that the maternal and infant death rate have plummeted since pre-natal care and medically assisted births became the norm.

  15. That's because if jesus existed he was born over 2000 years ago when there was no such thing as western medicine you absolute reprobate

  16. Back in the time period when Jesus was born used midwives. Jesus's birth was more of a emergency situation they had to do unassisted birth! Haha

  17. Maybe because modern medicine didn't exist then. Also, most moms and babies didn't survive birth back then.

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