Can't see how this could go wrong at all.

  1. My son was breech and my OB was very clear that he was not going to be born anyway but c-section to save both our lives. I don't understand people....

  2. I was buttfirst, and it was at a time when c-sections were less common. Doctor had to manually reach in and shift me around during the birth.

  3. I remember once reading a book that took place in cave man times, and the woman carrying a guy’s child was announced to have a breach baby and they both just plain died because no one could do a thing. But it was agony for everyone because not like that stuff is quick.

  4. As I was scrolling my brain saw the combination of 'breech' 'breech' and the image, and somehow I ended up with "she's having an unassisted breech baby at the beach!? What a horrible place to labor!"

  5. Eek I’m about to do the same as you I think. First baby was frank breech so c section but my second due next week is head down and there’s no reason not to attempt a vbac, I’m terrified!

  6. As someone who had a baby who never flipped and was breech the whole time - don’t fuck around with that shit, go to the hospital and get help when you go into labour. You CAN birth a breech baby without a c section (I had a C, but know women who did it without) but you and your baby can die or become seriously injured. Do. Not. Fuck. Around.

  7. Just learned about the horrors of a footling breech…please don’t google it. I don’t wish that horror on anyone. Why must these people tempt fate?!

  8. I was footling breech. My mother's recounting had her asking if she'd had a boy or a girl and being told, "we're working to get it breathing first"

  9. I know someone whose girlfriend went into precipitous labor at 7 months and he delivered the footling breech at home, which he said was absolutely terrifying. Thankfully, the baby actually did pretty well (though needed to be in the NICU for a while because of prematurity.

  10. It has nothing to do with the picture but I really hate it when people say "Hey mamas!" or call me mama. my brothers girlfriend texted me when I had my son and was like "Congratulations mama!" and it just grinds my fucking gears. Its weird.

  11. The staff at doctors’ offices who call me “Mom” completely tick me off. I’m not your mom, I have a name, and you make me fill out 7 pages of info - you’d think at least one line on those pages could cover how I want to be addressed and avoid any issues.

  12. Maybe trust the instinct that you have to go online in the hunt of success stories to alleviate your fear. Trust that fear.

  13. Jesus. I was footling breech and the drs didn't even give my mum options - they just declared it an emergency and wheeled her in for a C-section, while berating her for taking so long to get to the hospital.

  14. I can't stop looking at it and going... She is at the bottom of a very stony steep cliff, and she has some sort of cliff stone walking in front of her, how apt.

  15. Your baby and your body are CLEARLY NOT WORKING TOGETHER. I get it - I really do. You think your body is “made for this” because you’ve heard stories from other women who had it easy. But it doesn’t always go that way. I wanted to trust my body, too. And then I got diagnosed with cholestasis at 35 weeks despite having none of the “risk factors”. So I had to be induced and I trusted my body to deliver vaginally until the doctor told me that my baby’s head was just too big for my hips and that I needed a c-section. It took me a long to accept that there’s nothing wrong with my body, but rather something wrong with the narrative around pregnancy and birth. Sometimes, your body just isn’t made for it, and that’s okay. How about trusting your body to let you know when it needs help! A healthy baby is a million times more important than a “perfect” birth experience.

  16. Y’all. Breech is BUTT FIRST. Like baby is bent in half and coming ass-first through the birth canal. I can’t even imagine birthing a baby that way, let alone at my house with no help. The myriad of things that can go wrong… insanity.

  17. I wasn't breech but I had the cord around my neck and almost died even with medical intervention and being born in a hospital. God knows what would have happened if my mom had been of the mind to have an unassisted home birth. And she didn't even know until I was almost fully delivered.

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