"Don't need rabies shot, it's a scam because it's so rare!" I FUCKING WONDER WHY KAREN!

  1. I ran into this idea back in the days when I was a vet tech. Some fucking dipshit screamed at me that she wasn't going to allow anyone to inject her dog with autism.

  2. Most vets say there’s no point in vaccinating ranch horses for rabies, because it would be incredibly odd for a raccoon or whatever to get a bite in. However, a few years back we had a horse who started staggering band acting very strange. For a terrifying few hours we weren’t sure if it was rabies. It turned out to be a neurological disorder, but ever since then I’ve vaccinating our ranch horses for rabies. I know it’s so unlikely, but…

  3. Rabies vaccine requirements are generally enforced by the counties. Many do not require for cats. Some do.

  4. We had an indoor car come in that had eaten a bat that got in the house. Owners never vaccinated for rabies, because he was “indoor only”. They had to quarantine him for 6 months. Vaccinate your damn animals.

  5. I used to work at one of the big corporate pet stores as a groomer and it amazed me how many times people would have a hissy fit over having to show proof of rabies vaccination for any service. It was rather fun watching their reactions when I pointed out that if Fluffy bit me and they weren't up to date on their shots, they'd have to be tested for rabies and the only way to do that is decapitation. They normally produced those papers real fast after that.

  6. These people have never seen an animal or human dying from rabies. It’s absolutely fucking haunting and more terrifying than any kind human made horror.

  7. I’ve never seen it first hand, but the scene with the rabid dog in To Kill a Mockingbird scared the shit out of me. It’s no joke.

  8. Not just rabies.. if you’ve ever seen a dog wasting away from Parvo or seen what happens to a dog’s eyes when it gets distemper, and you still choose to not vaccinate your animals, you’re a psychopath.

  9. Joke's on her, my cats came pre-loaded with autism (there's a book called All Cats Are On the Autism Spectrum).

  10. As a dog mom of a 7 month old puppy… how on earth are these people able to do ANYTHING with their dogs without them being vaccinated? I can’t even take my dog to a new groomer or daycare/boarding facility without a full rundown of her vaccinations straight from the vet.

  11. You need a valid rabies shot to get a dog license in every place I've lived. Boarding requires a LOT of vaccinations because otherwise you end up like the boarders near me which had canine influenza just rip through the client base.

  12. The simple answer is that these people aren’t taking their pets to the vet, training classes, or professional grooming salons. I grew up pretty rural and it was incredibly common for people I knew to only get their dog a rabies shot during the county free clinic and even then most people were only getting the rabies vaccine for their “outside” dogs.

  13. I can't even rent an apartment without a dog license and proof of rabies shot. As it should be! (Although it did lead to a few panicky weeks when we were last moving, as none of the vets were accepting new clients due to covid and her booster was due.)

  14. I think the main thing they’re missing is that one of the reasons why we don’t have episodes of rabies anymore is because animals got vaccinated years ago which helps shut it down. That being said there’s still rabies out there in the wild animal population like raccoons and foxes that can very easily bite your dog or cat and make them sick. What’s interesting is I travelled in Mongolia where you’re recommended to get a rabies vaccination before you go because they still have so many cases amongst their dogs. In fact when you’re out walking around there people will warn you away from going in one direction or another because of the dogs that are roaming in the street that will attack you. So it just shows you in populations where they don’t vaccinate what it’s actually like.

  15. Simple! You won’t be able to tell if your puppy is dying from parvovirus or from a secondary infection from feeding raw! Then they can definitely aren’t to blame! /s

  16. You think these people actually give them any attention or proper care. They just leave them in the backyard all the time and never groom them because "it's natural". They forget that dogs have changed significantly due to human intervention and now require it to be healthy and happy...

  17. One of my dogs had a severe autoimmune condition develop in his later years. He had his initial rabies vaccine prior to the diagnosis. When it came time for his booster, I decided to run it by the vet, who told me “I can’t legally tell you not to get the rabies booster, but if it were my dog, I would not risk getting the booster.” She then told me to ask my dog’s internal medicine vet. They said the same thing. Anything that could cause an immune response puts him at risk of a flare up. It took 1.5 years of prednisone and pain meds to get his last flare under control. Now he has a heart condition and could no longer handle that same regimen if he has a flare.

  18. My shibas are fully vaccinated annually and visit the vet monthly to control allergies but I never take them to the groomers or boarding/daycare. So, maybe they don’t either. I can’t imagine if they’re that hung up about not vaccinating their dogs that they’d leave them at a boarding place.

  19. They don't do anything with them. These are the kind of pet owners that just stick the dog out in the yard and do nothing with them. (Also, in a lot of places like the american south, there's no such thing as a pet license. People just get to do whatever)

  20. Surprisingly they seem to be able to get around it. I worked at a place full of these people. The owner had dogs and took one of her parents dogs to a vet for the first time and came back flipping out because they refused to even see the dog if it wasn’t vaccinated or she wouldn’t let them vaccinate it. She just ranted a raved how it needed to be seen because it wouldn’t stop vomiting.

  21. These people need to attend Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro Am Race for the Cure

  22. Work at a vet, we have many clients who do not vaccinate their children but vaccinate their animals. I too do not understand the cognitive dissonance.

  23. I use to parvo foster. One of my own dogs was a parvo puppy. It literally destroyed him. He’s right now and I spend $1600/a year on food because he literally can’t eat anything else without having to empty his anal sacs every week, him bleeding out his ass and vomiting every several hours.

  24. And important to remember that a huge part of the reason why rabies is so rare in humans and domesticated animals in the US and other developed countries is because of aggressive vaccination campaigns and equally aggressive protocols for dealing with exposed, unvaccinated animals.

  25. Right. Like shit. Rabies is rare in humans, but I'm not risking my animal's life on the rate of rabies in humans. One of my cats is allergic to nearly everything, including rabies vaccinations. He's 100% indoors so the chances of him getting rabies is close to zero. He still gets his rabies vaccines every year.

  26. The town I used to work for required you to quarantine your dog off site at a properly outfitted shelter, animal hospital, or boarding facility. The cost was immense, for hospitals and boarding facilities especially. I had to go through it once (enforce it) and the woman was NOT happy. I think the monthly cost ended up being more than I was paying in rent at the time, so at least $1600.

  27. Yup. And if a pet is euthanized and it later turns out that they bit someone before death, public health will take them out of the freezer, cut off their head and take it for testing.

  28. In my state, if an animal has violently attacked someone/thing and had lapsed rabies vaccination, they go on a 10 day hold, with the logic being that if a rabid animal is already at the violent stage, they'll die within those 10 days. If they're actually rabid, they probably will. Horrifically and gruesomely. Rabies may be the worst way I can imagine to die.

  29. Rabies: so terrifying that it may have influenced Greek mythology in its portrayal of Cerberus as a mad dog. But sure, your puppy will be fine after it fights that raccoon.

  30. Also their unvaccinated animalscould spread it to humans and it is such a horrid disease. I unwittingly watched a video of a man with rabies who was hydrophobic and it still haunts me.

  31. I have very few things that absolutely terrify me and rabies is one of them. If it didn’t incapacity people and animals so fast after infection it would be as close we could get to zombies. I know it’s unlikely to mutate but it’s on my “don’t fucking risk it” list.

  32. I’m sorry… number 3 doesn’t believe in vaccinations because they prefer natural selection? And thinks it should be the same for humans?

  33. I wish we could forcibly transport these people back in time before modern science so they could die of preventable diseases by 35, “like nature intended.”

  34. Genuinely saw someone arguing this on Facebook recently. She was wearing glasses in her profile picture. Alas, I think the irony was lost on her.

  35. This is the one that completely lost me!! Sooo if one of your kids has weaker genes, they’d like to be like “sorry kiddo - survival of the fittest! Not seeing a doc - just did.” Like what the actual fuck.

  36. Yeah I read that and was like holy shit! What a compassionate and caring pet owner...not. Why even have pets if you literally don't care whether they are alive or dead?

  37. This almost makes me angrier than the human ones. A person can at least choose to vaccinate themselves later on in life (if they're lucky and survive, of course). But an animal will never get that opportunity, and will receive even more subpar healthcare.

  38. Few things make me angrier than people who neglect the health of animals (and/or children) in their care. Those are you dependents. They literally depend on you to take care of them. It’s your job and your responsibility, one that you willingly took on. Nobody forced you to have a pet. They’re vulnerable and can’t advocate for themselves, and animals especially have no voice to ask for help. If you’re not going to take care of your animals, you absolutely should not own animals. It’s a privilege, not a right, to have an animal.

  39. My rescue cat was unvaccinated and not neutered when he was rescued at 8 years old. There’s no way he lived on the streets that entire time, he’s a tame boy, he clearly has been someone’s pet in the past. When he was taken in by the cat rescue shelter he was really unwell. They discovered our boy is FIV+, which there’s a vaccine to protect cats from. He has a life of being carefully coddled to keep him safe as a small scratch or any virus that wouldn’t affect other cats can make him super sick, or worse. But if we feed him high quality foods, keep him inside or in our courtyard, which has huge 2m fences, and not around other cats we can prevent it from becoming feline AIDS.

  40. Parvo is a puppy killer. Idk why someone would be ok with their pet shitting themselves to death. She doesn’t need animals.

  41. Right? I'm a veterinary nurse and parvovirus is no joke. It pisses me off when people say we only want people to vaccinate so we can make money! No, we want you to vaccinate because we've seen firsthand animals paying the price of their owners thinking it wasn't worth it.

  42. It’s literally illegal (at least in most places) for your dog to not have a rabies shot. I hope she gets fined to hell and back.

  43. Unfortunately a lot of animal services are underfunded so it is entirely possible she will go months/years without being noticed or fined.

  44. Shhh. Don’t tell them. I’m all for letting people think Arm & Hammer can detox them after a vaccine if it means they’ll actually get the jabs to own the sheeple or whatever.

  45. If you bathe an animal in a skin irritant often and long enough, they probably will start "detoxing" from their skin aka showing skin irritation.

  46. The state I live in has two or three rabid horses each year. And cows. Rabid dogs are actually very rare, at least here. Or, let's say it's not often diagnosed in dogs. But there was this one dog we ended up euthanizing, after the vet said she didn't think it had rabies.

  47. if any of these people had had to actually see what any of these diseases look like they would vaccinate their damn animals. Signed a rescue volunteer who is damn fucking tired.

  48. Ah, yes, just weeding out the weak genes with that pesky susceptibility to - squints - rabies. You know, just the death sentence virus.

  49. My brother’s dog survived parvo as a puppy. He likely contracted it at a supervised puppy socialization class. All the puppies had had two of their three parvo shots (not old enough for all three). It was probably tracked into the space by an older dog. He almost died. My brother caught it the very first time there was the slightest trace of red in his stool, because he wasn’t yet entirely house-trained. The vet said he had a 50/50 chance of living. He lived, but his digestive system is super messed up and he is prone to pancreatitis, from the effects of the parvo. I wouldn’t wish his experience on anyone. He’s such a sweet boy, and he did not deserve this. Vaccinate your goddamned animals, if you give a shit about them.

  50. My friends dog got parvovirus when he was a puppy by my friend stepping in a backyard of a dog who died of parvo a week earlier. She thinks the dog puked back there. Didn’t know at the time. Her dog just barely survived and was so sick for so long the poor pup.

  51. Vet tech here... had contact with an unvaccinated German Shepherd Puppy in a very metropolitan area last year. Puppy died and tested positive for rabies. Oh, and it had bitten a staff member at a different clinic the day before we saw it.

  52. Re: raw food. Do you have a link to the study so I can read it and discuss with my raw friendly vet? I fed my cats homemade raw for 3-4 years (recipe was vet approved, she’s also a feline nutritionist), took a year off, and was planning on returning to it soon but I’d like to discuss this with her before I resume.

  53. Also in vet med and my biggest annoyance is when breeders give people advice or even requirements about vaccines when they buy their puppies. We’ve had a few people come in who decline certain vaccines, usually lepto, because the breeders have it in their contracts that it will void their health guarantees. We have lepto in our area, I’ve seen cases of it, and it is not pretty. I’ve seen some wild paperwork sent home with puppies but I always always hate it when they come in and half the conversation is revolving around whatever bad advice the breeder told them. Ugh.

  54. Don't believe that woman's had a rake of animals and none have developed cancer. That says to me that none of them have lived very long. Parvo is nasty, and there are frequent outbreaks where I live in New Zealand. The unvaccinated dogs die each time.

  55. I truly believe there's a special place in hell for neglectful pet owners. Fix and vax your damn animals, for the love of Bob Barker! Also, while you're at it, vax your kids. But at least, the kids can get vaxxed when they grow up. Fido doesn't have that option.

  56. Dogs are NOT obligate carnivores. Many can easily get a life threatening thiamine deficiency without some grains in their diet. Dogs evolved right along with humans and thrive on many of same foods we do.

  57. Did you see the study where they found antibiotic resistant bacteria in the saliva and feces of almost all dogs fed a raw diet? Enjoy those puppy kisses!

  58. Yeah, so if your dog bites someone and hasn't been vaccinated for rabies they will KILL your dog to test them and the person they bite will need to go through several rounds of shots while they wait.

  59. This makes me sad because I had a dog who died of leptospirosis because he wasn’t vaccinated but I had no idea. I moved from a major city to a more suburban area and all my animals are 100% vaccinated because I don’t want to see them suffer like he did. These people are cruel.

  60. Thank you ❤️ it’s been 3 years and I still miss him. But he taught me so much, and now I’m a better pet parent because of it.

  61. I previously worked for a veterinary organization and we actually had a person who was upset about vaccines because it might give pets autism. I’m not kidding and yes they were serious.

  62. I volunteer with a cat rescue and had the same experience with a potential adopter. Needless to say, we did not adopt to them.

  63. Yikes. This is probably the type of woman who would also force her vegan diet on her dog because it’s “healthier and more natural than synthetic dog food”. Don’t have animals omg. I have 4 chihuahuas and they get vaccinated every year. I’ve had a dog die on me from parvo and I’m terrified now. Don’t force your weird beliefs onto your children OR animals wtf

  64. Oh come on! Rabies shot causing cancer? Absolutely rediculous. We don't have the rabies vaccine currently in Ireland as rabies is not something we have here (this may change as the quarantine requirements for pets has been removed for pets of Ukrainian refugees) and animals still get cancer just as much as those who have received the rabies vaccine.

  65. Believe it or not, there actually is a link between vaccines and sarcoma (a type of cancer) in cats ONLY- it’s called injection site sarcoma, and it’s why the feline rabies vaccine does not have an adjuvant in it, and why new guidelines have vets giving injections low on the limbs or into the tail.

  66. I work with dogs. That comment about raw eggs protecting against parvo got me so riled I stopped scrolling. Parvo is one of the most vicious, horrible ways a puppy can go. I can’t imagine being that naive.

  67. A (almost certainly) rabid coyote bit three people in my area recently and I hope to God none of them are antivax because no one deserves that kind of death. You. Do. Not. Fuck. With. Rabies.

  68. Oh god these people are going to get their dogs put down too after one of these neglected kids messes with the neglected puppy and gets nipped.

  69. "drs can do better than mother nature" --- uh, when were talking about kids dying in infancy, yes, yes they can.

  70. I don't know of any vet who will see an animal if it doesn't have its rabies shots. Once it gets it's 1st shot, all bets are off because then the city has a record of its existence & the owner will get letters & fines if it's not kept up on.

  71. Having worked as a vet tech for many years, and seeing dogs die from distemper and parvo, I just want to take the animals away from these people.

  72. I volunteered for an animal shelter for some time and we would bring dogs out to local events to encourage adoption. Had someone fill out an application then lose his shit when he found out all the dogs were microchipped and that he would be getting the chip removed because no one was “tracking” his dog 🫠 conveniently lost that application

  73. So funny. The lady who runs the cat rescue I got my cats from told me the same rabies vaccine causes cancer thing. She only gives vaccines to the cats because of the law but advised I be slow about boosters. I just nodded and agreed. Signed the papers and brought them to the vet like “load em up baby 💉💉💉”

  74. My pup got parvo after she'd already had one dose of the vaccine. She almost died, but we were fortunate to be able to pay to hospitalize her for 3 days and she was able to recover.

  75. Can confirm. Also, that one vaccine likely saved your pup. IME, the smaller pups and the completely unvaccinated ones end up in hospital 5-7 days, dogs with partial vaccines usually 2-4 days, and I had one that had just gotten his third shot, and was in hospital for less than a day.

  76. Jesus jumped up Christ on a rubber fucking crutch! 😱 The reason that rabies is so rare for people NOW is because it’s the law in every single state of the USA to vaccinate your pet! We reduced the chances of them getting it, so WE don’t get exposed either. It’s passed on by saliva, blood, etc, and can be passed in a scratch so small that you’ll never see it. It’s a horrendously shitty way to die (look it up on YouTube, fucking light me on fire if I ever get rabies, fuck that) and we CAN PREVENT IT WITH A SHOT ONCE A YEAR!!!

  77. I’m a dog groomer - any time people try to argue with me about rabies I get real with them. If your dog isn’t vaccinated and bites me, or anyone else, their head is getting lopped off and sent out for testing.

  78. My grandma wouldn’t get one of her dogs it’s puppy shots when my mom was a kid and it got parvo. My mom paid for the treatment on her own so it wouldn’t die and then my grandma GAVE THE DOG AWAY while my mom was at school. Getting your pets their shots is so much easier and cheaper than dealing with deadly illnesses.

  79. As an emergency veterinarian who has watched puppies and one unvaccinated adult dog die a horrible death from parvo, these dumb fucking assholes can seriously go FUCK themselves.

  80. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH?!? Diatomaceous earth is crushed up seashells. Why are you giving your dog crushed up seashells. People use that to keep bugs out of their garden not to prevent rabies. Wtf??

  81. Vet assistant here. We had a rabies scare about two weeks ago--a surrendered stray attacked a coworker and proceeded to have just... terrifying neurologic symptoms. We were all scared shitless--coworker got prophylactic shots and antibiotics and the test on the now-deceased cat came back negative (no idea wtf was wrong with him--hed been a total cupcake the day before) but goddamn, it was scary. We won't see owned pets that don't have rabies vaccines--its the law in our state.

  82. I’ll keep this as generic as possible. A while back I was working a case with a possible parvo. Collected sample through the car window because of protocols. Ran the test, definitely positive. Went back out to the owner’s car to give the results and treatment plan.

  83. My sweetest pup had parvo as a newborn. Her mama was a rescue who gave birth in her crate after being pulled out of a backyard breeder situation. The whole litter got so sick and one died. The rescue lady kept my little girl tucked in her bra 90% of the day, dropper fed her and basically forced her to stay alive. Best dog I’ve ever known.

  84. So we have to worry about getting shot going to the grocery store and now, apparently, the neighbors breeding Cujos. Awesome! ‘Murica!

  85. We just got our indoor only cat their boosters. Our new vet said she only gives the one year rabies vaccine because the 3 year one has been linked with slightly higher rates of cancer. People like this take partially correct information and run so far with it that you can't believe anything else they say. Sad.

  86. There’s a non-adjuvanted 3 year rabies vaccine for cats now, it’s called Merial PureVax 3 year. The adjuvant in some vaccines is what’s linked to slightly increased rates of cancer, because cats can get a type of cancer called injection site sarcoma that happens at the spot where they receive an injection and the adjuvant is made to increase inflammation to provoke a stronger immune response.

  87. Um. So why do we have so few cases of rabies in the US? Because vaccines. Also, many cities will fine owners or confiscate pets whose owners do not vaccinate.

  88. I've read stories in the puppy subreddit about the ones that get parvo. I couldn't imagine my life without my dogs or be okay with knowing they died to such a preventable and torturous disease because I didn't give them a shot. 😭

  89. Something tells me if you’re careless/stupid enough to not vaccinate your pets you’re probably a careless/stupid enough owner that the pet is going to be at risk in a lot of other ways. And they’re almost certainly buying these animals from backyard breeders who sell the puppies as soon as they’re 8 weeks old and don’t bother ensuring that the people they sell them to finish their vaccines.

  90. The comment where she says not having vaccines is a way for the weak to be weeded out…And that it should be the same with people if it weren’t for those darn doctors thinking that they can do better than Mother Nature. Smdh. I really hope her children aren’t the ones needing those “doctors” who know better than Mother Nature.

  91. What a shocker, people who neglect children also neglect animals. Though I do want to know what that one poster considers a long and healthy life.

  92. At least number three admits she is just pro death. "Those damn doctors keeping people alive its unnatural I say"

  93. I'm late to the convo here, but farm animals raised for consumption NEED to be vaxxed for anthrax. It's no joke and can be transmitted to humans.

  94. Our cat came from a “non vax” home and the first thing we did was get her shots and get her ringworm treatment (they were treating it with positive vibes and “homeopathic” treatments…).

  95. As someone who worked professionally in animal welfare- I have seen hundred of puppies die from parvo. The campus I worked on had to euthanize 160 days in one day because they had distemper and we couldn’t risk the other 500+ dogs catching it. FUCK everyone who doesn’t vaccinate their dogs. Fuck you.

  96. This is so frustrating how far the "vaccines are bad" thing has gone. It started with people not wanting to vaccinate their kids and now people won't even get their own boosters/covid vax/etc and now people won't even rabies vaccinate their dogs? Rabies kills. It's not something to mess with.

  97. The third one with chickens and other farm animals: that’s how you create the next pandemic. That’s how this one was created. That’s how all the ones before it were created.

  98. It’s not specific to the rabies vaccine or even vaccines in general, cats can get injection site sarcoma (ISS) from any injection whether it’s a vaccination, a microchip, a dose of medication, etc. This is why they no longer give cats shots in between their shoulder blades near the back of their neck, because if they do develop a tumor in that spot it’s difficult/impossible to remove.

  99. Yup. Feed raw eggs to a puppy. No way they'll get salmonella (and probably die because you don't get them proper medical attention...)

  100. this is straight up animal abuse. i wonder, even though i probably alrdy know the answer, if these owners do any real preventative like flea, tick, or heartworms. the periodic dewormer being mentioned has my expectations at bedrock tho…

  101. Well, most US counties will fine you if you don't get a rabies vaccine and license for your dog. Too bad they don't fine dumb parents for not vaccinating their kids.

  102. I bet these people won't get their pets treated properly at the vet. I don't know why I'm angrier with neglectful pet owners than parents.

  103. I just had to put my kitty down on Saturday due to a vax preventable disease. She was a neighborhood cat that just showed up at my house and decided to stay. I loved coming home to her silliness.

  104. My cats are strict housecats. They've had their shots and get rabies boosters. I would never forgive myself if they suffered and died from something preventable. When my boys (cats) were about 2 years old, Murphy ran out of my apartment into the hallway of the building. There were bats in the basement. One of them found his way into the hallway. Murphy slapped it into the wall and knocked it out. He could have been bitten and bats are high risk for rabies. We don't live there anymore, but I still keep my cats utd.

  105. None of these people have ever seen an animal suffer and die from rabies, parvo, etc. and it shows. Definitely better to have than not.

  106. But colloidal silver is safe for some reason. Next thing you know these people are going to be injecting themselves with mercury.

  107. And I thought I was bad for being a year behind on my strictly indoor cat’s rabies update. I couldn’t book sooner than the fall, but these peopl are just… not doing it? Especially to dogs and livestock? What the hell.

  108. My dogs got into a battle with a rabid raccoon. Unfortunately the raccoon didn’t make it and the autopsy came back positive for rabies. We were so damn lucky they were vaccinated. Rabies is a horrible death.

  109. In this case is "breeder" code for finding a dog on Facebook and paying $100 to have it knock up your dog then raising the puppies in the backyard kennel until they are 5-6 weeks old when they then sell them too young to clueless people?

  110. I love that the lady talking about rabies statistics failed to mention that although rare, rabies has almost a 100% kill rate. By the time you show symptoms, it's already way too late, you're already dead.

  111. I'd invite any of them to attempt to find a vein in a dying parvo positive puppy's leg while it's ten year old owner cries in the background. There's only so much of that you can handle before you nope out of the profession.

  112. The one on chart three is really saying that it would be better to “weed out” the weak humans by abolishing medicine and vaccines and let nature run its course?

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