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  1. That whole comment is whack. So there is an "anecdote" but they won't share it with you because, well, you might just turn autistic overnight. Or die.

  2. Not the recommendation for the film coming after the CDC for discrediting Andrew Wakefield and his bunk autism-MMR study... That was written and directed by Andrew fucking Wakefield.

  3. My husband works in scientific publishing for an academic journal. He was telling me one day how the autism study being published was a screwup on a massive scale and at basically any other journal several people would be fired.

  4. That absolute twunt-bucket Wakefield should be in prison for what he has done. His greedy, arrogant Messiah complex and the trash he peddled was responsible for a drop off in vaccinations in the UK. Ultimately that was to the harm of children and that is on his conscious …….even though he obviously doesn’t have one.

  5. "Vaccines are a scam. The proven fraud who coincidently claimed the MMR vaccine caused autism AND had a patent for a new one, that guy is legit!"

  6. They keep reading the bullshit that the spike protien in the covid vaccine enters the brain and changes their dna. Which is complete bullshit thats been debunked several times but they dont listen to facts. Its sensationalism.

  7. They probably hear something do do with RNA (which their are 4 main types of anyway) and I guess they think that the ‘deoxy’ in deoxyribonucleic acid stands for nothing so there is no difference between DNA and RNA or maybe they remember hearing about RNA in the process of protein synthesis and since mRNA nucleotides attach themselves to DNA they think it can go the other way around. Honestly though the most likely answer is that they don’t know, or care, you could tell them anything via YouTube or Facebook with a highly exaggerated expression and tone along with some stupid ‘example’ and they would almost definitely believe it.

  8. Not vaccine related, but I learned yesterday that chemo can change your DNA! My dear friend has brain cancer for the third time. The first time, they did genetic testing and found three markers for this type of cancer. But now they're redoing it because the oncologist said her DNA might be different now. I thought that was very interesting.

  9. My mom thought that initially about mRNA vaccines, I had to read her a lengthy article explaining how they worked and that it wasn’t “altering her dna”.

  10. That was my thought reading these comments here. I just don’t understand how these idiots have all been convinced that vaccines can alter your DNA. It’s mind blowing that they can be convinced of these things that go against very basic biology. Your DNA is stored in the nucleus of all your cells. You would see damage very quickly on everyone vaccinated if these vaccines were getting to and damaging DNA. It’s soooooo obvious that this information is pure bullshit and yet they allow themselves to be convinced of it. How exhausting life must be for these people

  11. I hate how they demonize autism. Are all autistic people automatically miserable? Can‘t they lead rewarding lives? I only know one person and they‘re doing fine with some support and adjustment, but I‘m curious to know how other people think about it. My point is, if I imagine potential illnesses or disabilities, autism is not at the top of the list.

  12. "There are kids who get autism overnight-" no there fucking arent Karen that has never been a thing! Damn these awful people.

  13. I was miserable BEFORE I got my diagnosis. I was only diagnosed at 30. Before, I didn’t know what was “wrong” with me that I couldn’t seem to do the things others could do, like do well at work, socialize, even tolerate certain things. I was wretched about it. Imagine the feeling you had as a teen when you feel so different and weird compared to everyone else, but never outgrowing it. Part of you feels like you should have outgrown it, but you compare yourself to what others your age can do, and you feel like a failure.

  14. I abhor that mindset. My autistic little brother just got selected to be on a semi pro volleyball team. He speaks 3 languages. He's so kind and despite not being able to read emotions or show them in the extreme, he shows us how much he loves us in his own way. He's ambitious and passionate. He knows he isn't like everyone else, he has some major difficulties with basics. But autism isn't cancer or diabetes, and I'm tired of these people treating it like a plague that brings life to a halt. Autistic people are people with their own unique potentials, life goes on with compassion and encouragement.

  15. As an autistic and parent of 2 autistic children, this stuff infuriates me. My SIL tried to "share some information" she found and suggested that documentary. She had the audacity to say "I don't want them to hurt any more babies." I haven't spoken to her since and it's been a year now. Me and my children are living happy lives without her in it. We may have to work a bit harder to be happy because the world isn't set up to support us but I would still take autism over death or painful disease

  16. i’m autistic and my life is pretty good! yes some people aren’t nice and i’ve been told i’m ‘too much’ by neurotypicals at times but honestly having autism hasn’t made my life a nightmare. communication and eye contact as well as sensory issues are some things i still struggle with, but my autism hasn’t made life difficult for me. if anything i like it! i get so happy when i get to talk about my hyperfixations and special interests! and i know a lot about complicated things just because i got super interested in it and learnt everything i could about it. so overall i would say autism has made my life better !

  17. I am a SPED teacher. Last year there were four children with autism in my room. One was violent and needed a lot of care, one was hyperactive and highly intelligent, one was of normal intelligence but very stubborn, one shy and reluctant to look at/talk to others. My point is, they are all different. Just like everyone else.

  18. That’s the biggest thing I’ve never understood about antivaxers. If I was given the choice between my child being autistic or my child getting polio, I’d choose autism every time.

  19. I'm autistic and as an adult live a pretty normal life. I went to college (& utilized ADA support to do so), got married, had kids. As a child, I struggled greatly, but therapy helped as I got older.

  20. Hey ! So the thing with autism is that it's firstly, most importantly, a different neurotype. Which means that most of the "symptoms" are either totally harmless thing that are demonized or direct consequences of living in a world that is not made for us. So yeah, it can cause some pain, but in an ideal society it wouldn't. These people should focus on making society more accomodating for their children instead of exposing them to potentially lethal preventable diseases for the sake of them being "normal"

  21. Exactly!! The fact that the utter fear of autism weighs higher over the fear of horrible illnesses is pretty horrid.

  22. I work with children who have autism. it is a spectrum disorder, so there is a huge range. Most of my students are mild to moderate, which means they are mostly in regular education classes. Some are in advanced classes and are super charismatic... but deviate from the schedule without warning, and I'm helping them work through an hour long meltdown. Some are academically average, with 'quirks'. All need some level of Social skills teaching, so they can learn how to function in society. Most of my students go on to graduate with a traditional high school diploma. Some will go to college. We place some in the workforce. Like one of my kids, who was obsessed with things being on time and firefighters, works now at the fire hall with scheduling. Another is a NASA engineer.

  23. I am autistic, married, and have a wonderful career in medicine. It took me a little longer than most to get here, and I needed a lot of help along the way, but it’s a good life.

  24. Only those with severe autism have "difficult" lives, I known this guy for like six months or so and he just told me the other day that he was autistic and I was like "no shit? I had no idea." He started and runs a school for children with disabilities.

  25. What I’ve always said, and will continue to say “I’d rather have a child with autism, than a dead child from a preventable disease with a vaccine.”

  26. im autistic and im fine, definitly on the lower end of the scale, but still autistic. i did great in school, if anything autism makes some people more interested in learning that neurotypical people

  27. I have level 2 autism and it's made my life extremely distressing from childhood til now. Ruined most life experiences. Severe anxiety and the world doesn't make sense to me. I work as a disability support worker with adults with more severe autism (level 3), they can't mask or function like I can but they enjoy their life so long as things are going their way. I do worry about vaccine injury, and I worry my child could have autism. I haven't had a good experience with it so I feel like it's a negative thing to have autism. Maybe if it's mild then people are alright, but otherwise it tends to be very distressing and/or debilitating in terms of function. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm ok with people being afraid of autism and viewing it negatively. For me, it's a disability I'd rather not have, not just being a bit different. It's debilitating for me, lowers quality of life a lot. Very poor mental and physical health, total burnout for many years now. I hate having autism and view it as a defect. Sorry to anyone who's got it milder and feels fine but I do not.

  28. the general consensus among most of society- not just antivaxxers is that having to live with autistic people (notice I don't say being autistic) is a fate worse than death. Neurotypicals as a whole literally perform conversion therapy on autistics, and do other horrible things to us all in the name of making us not autistic so they don't have to deal with us. Autism is genetic. The vast majority of these people are either autistic themselves and were just never diagnosed, or they married an autistic person who was never diagnosed and they just don't realize it because autism in adults looks vastly different than it does in children. Just like neurotypicals we learn how to cope and function in our world, but "autism moms" want to make that process as difficult and traumatic as possible to punish us for inconveniencing them.

  29. Thank you! I’m an independent autistic woman, working at a Fortune 500 company and getting an MBA. I have social difficulties but I have close friends and a pretty normal life. Yeah it makes life a little harder sometimes, but it also means I intake knowledge at a higher rate then neurotypical people. Granted, autism is on a spectrum and we all have different experiences but that doesn’t mean we’re freaks or stupid.

  30. I am autistic. There are difficulties living in a world that was not made for anyone like me, but otherwise my life is very rewarding and I would never take a hypothetical "cure" for autism.

  31. Autism is not some sort of death knell. There's a spectrum and some autistic people require a lot more intensive care, but most do just fine by themselves. Meanwhile, these parents are refusing vaccines for life-threatening illness and life-long consequences. These parents are more afraid that they'll have an autistic kid than a dead kid.

  32. I love my autistic brother more than I can even express. He's absolutely thriving and very happy as an adult. Best of all, he's healthy and has never been in a life threatening condition. I'll always prefer my parents and I having to help him more frequently, rather than seeing him suffer, lose his ability to walk or go blind due to a preventable disease.

  33. Since they know better than the doctors and scientists, why don't they just do their own research and whip up an anecdote of essential oils and vaginal garlic to Uno reverse the DNA altering??

  34. This is why homeschooling has become more popular among anti-vaxxers. I wanted to homeschool my kids but then I realized that I would be forced to hang out with mostly anti-vaxxers and science deniers. I didn't want to homeschool without being part of a group. Those type of people make up the majority of homeschoolers in my area. I sent my son up public school this year and it was the best decision for my family.

  35. That last panel….that poor man. His whole life living with his mother trying to “fix” him instead of just loving him. Makes my heart break. I spent 15 years of my career working with adults with autism and I just want to say that most parents are NOT like this.

  36. Talking about his incontinence needs in a public forum for most carers is a big no no, it’s only done in the rarest of cases and usually to express needs being met by someone else caring for them. Not to scare antivaxxers into believing that’s the reason why they’re still in need of nappies. Poor man I hope someone’s looking out for him.

  37. Right?! …maybe if she had put him in whatever therapy a doctor would’ve recommended years ago, he would be more independent. Or maybe not, but at least fucking TRY.

  38. "You idiot! The ✨ alpha waves ✨ that comes from the music helps remove toxins from the body. My totally not imaginary doctor friend told me this"

  39. I don’t think these people understand the absolute devastation of a child dying from preventable disease.

  40. So are these people not vaccinated themselves? Yet here they are 20-50 years later, alive and well spouting crap on Facebook,

  41. What kind of warped view do these people have on society and science? It’s like a support group for people with the same delusion, it must be impossible to crawl out of because they truly believe they’ll kill their children

  42. It could be altered. (That's how you get cancer from radiation for example) But vaccines don't do that.

  43. Watched my fully vaccinated, autistic 6yo’s sports day today. She won her race, cheered her friends on from the sidelines, high fived and hugged them when they won, comforted those who didn’t, and regularly waved over to me and shouted ‘I’m gonna do my best!’

  44. I firmly believe that anti vaxxers don’t give a shit about their kids. This is 100% about them not the kids safety or health. They create a “boogeyman” that they have saved their children from then use that to act superior to other parents.

  45. It's weird how often they think kids die from vaccines. Considering the schools are full of vaccinated kids.

  46. The autism argument is beyond infuriating. So what you are telling me is you would rather have a dead/very ill child over an autistic one? My son is autistic and even if they came out tomorrow and said vaccines do cause autism, I would still vaccinate him. I would rather accommodate for his needs currently over accommodating for Pollio that could have been prevented.

  47. I really don’t understand the mindset of these anti vax moms. What will happen when your child gets and spreads Polio? These vaccines are here for a reason and yet people want to live like were in the stone ages 🙄

  48. My kids are 14, 14, and 16. To this day, I have not yet heard of one single bad vaccine reaction from any actual friends, family members, anyone I know "in real life". Other than having a really sore arm and sometimes being a little feverish for 24 hours.

  49. A friend from high school has 2 kids that both had severe reactions. Per medical advice from real doctors, her kids(4 of them) do not get vaccines. But she is not anti-vax because two of her kids had life threatening reactions. She is pro-vax, so we can protect her kids. If these half-eaten pine cones really had some basis for the fear of a reaction to a vaccine, they would want everyone else to be vaccinated for herd immunity.

  50. If the government could change human DNA at will the would have turned us into servile corporate slaves by now

  51. I like to assume that anyone who uses autism as a justification to be anti vax just really hates autistic adults and are trying to prevent more of us. They seem terrified of us.

  52. Should we just lie and tell them "yes, you can just drink 25 oz of water for 7 days straight and you're all set!" At least vaccine uptake might be more than 1/3rd.

  53. Maybe your 23 year old son wouldn’t still be in diapers if you spent your energy getting him services and therapy instead of trying to “detox” him and treating him like an invalid 🤦🏻‍♀️

  54. “Unless we stand up to the tyranny, our children’s children will have it worse”…if your unvaccinated kid even makes it that far in life

  55. You know what… I’d be fine with the anti vax lot IF they were made to live in closed off communities. That way the only people it would affect are those who think the same way as them. The only thing is I would want all of their children to be able to reject that doctrine as soon as they could so they could be allowed to rejoin sane society

  56. And they wonder why no one can stand them. Imagine caring that much if other people choose to vaccinate their children. The vaccinated kids are not the ones that are the risk.

  57. I just glanced at the first screenshot without reading captions/tags and assumed it was about shooting up their kid with drugs 0.0 I’m both relieved and disturbed

  58. all i’m hearing is that they’d rather their child die from a preventable disease than be autistic

  59. My favorite part is the end one where she insinuates her 23-year-old is in diapers solely because she got him vaccinated as a child

  60. You know, as an autistic adult this really helps me feel better that moms would rather have their kids die/get horribly sick than be like me /s

  61. I would like to alter my DNA. Where can I sign u? My goodness these ppl have no idea what they are talking about.

  62. So so sad. But what’s sadder is the people who read these baseless and unscientific loony comments and then become vaccine hesitant. Breaks my heart

  63. did i read that correctly? does that last commenter think her severely autistic child is going to just one day “detox” and be “normal”???

  64. I like how one of them put “becoming autistic” and “dying” in the same sentence. They’re not in the same caliber at all, but I guess these moms see their kids being autistic as horrible as them dying

  65. These private facebook groups are gigantic mess. These clueless people are ruining lives and possibly killing people.

  66. This sounds like an onions in socks, leeches on injection site type of job. I would err on the side of caution by throwing in some frankincense enemas to make sure the charkras are clear.

  67. Autism is a spectrum but not everyone is on it, it’s very frustrating as an autistic person when people say this. Adults with disabilities sometimes need diapers, it’s not unheard of.

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